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Anyone trying to climb out yet? Are you thinking about transitioning your crib sleeper to a bed? Will you go to a toddler bed or just to a regular bed? What age did you transition your other kids at?

Jake is just starting to try to get a leg up over the rail. I really really hope it is a while yet before he climbs out ~ I think that I had to transition my first son at 23 months because he was climbing out, and my DD never climbed out, but we switched her at 27 or 28 months because she was potty trained at night and I wanted her to be able to get to her bathroom if she needed it. He will just go to a regular bed once we do switch him.

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not yet! his crib has really high rails... or a really low mattress? lol. He hasn't tried to climb out yet.
He will go to a regular bed when we switch him.

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Not yet, Mason loves his crib. Sometimes he won't even come out in the mornings!!

My DD went to a big girl bed (regular sized bed but no box spring so it was lower to the ground) at just over 2 and my DS#1 went to a regular bed right around the same time - maybe 26 or 27 months.

I plan to keep Mason where he is until maybe mid-to-end of summer if he's good there. He sleep in a cot at his day care (they just transitioned him to it) and he's doing really well with it. I didn't want to introduce too much change to him at once.

Plus they'll be moving him to the toddler room in late April/early May so again, I didn't want to give too much change all at once.

My nephew had to move at 19 months because he was able to climb out of his crib - that was really hard for my sister though.

GL - the climbers are so worrisome!!

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Ben is still in a crib with no real obvious intention of climbing out. He'll be there a while, but I've thought about a toddler bed... but I'm not ready to give it up yet...

for the climbers, have you tried a crib tent?

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No climbing yet. Neither of my other 2 climbed either but it is a fairly deep crib. We transitioned Dylann to a toddler bed at just about 2 1/2 I think. Drew was probably about the same when we took the side off his crib. Hoping for that long again...

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I'm hoping too! He doesn't seem able to really climb out yet.....just seeing that first inkling of desire got me thinking Smile He will go straight to a regular bed, though the bed we have for him is an antique and is pretty high, so even with the rails I'm hoping that we can delay it as long as possible!

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Moved the others to their toddler bed right at 2.. or right before 2. As soon as they started crawling out. And it wasn't even that I was afraid they would hurt themselves.. it was that they couldn't get back in.. and would stand at the door knocking and calling me once they figured out they were stuck on the floor ; ). Lainey hasn't show interest in climbing out.. I know she can just hasn't tried. Hoping we put if off for a bit. So much easier that way!

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I don't have a climber (in any shape or form!) so he can stay as long as possible but for my girls they were in a normal bed just after 2 anyway. Aaron loves the girls beds and we'll be getting him the same size (its a king single), I'm sure he'll look like a little dot in it, I mean even my DD#2 does! Smile

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Keaton hasn't tried climbing out yet which kind of surprises me since he climbs everything else! We plan on leaving him in the crib until he's 2 which now that I think of it is only 2 1/2 months away! We have a toddler bed but we will probably move he and Noah into a room together at that point and get him a bed to match Noah's. That's if I'm pregnant by then. I want them used to being together in a room before a new bay comes. We moved the older boys to a reg twin bed between 22 months and 2 years. Connor, Liam and Noah because they started climbing out and Landon because he wanted to sleep in Connor's room with him Smile