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How many of you thought this would be a BFP thread???

Nah...but I'm pretty dang sure, I've just started my period! Honestly, seeing what I saw, was almost as exciting as a BFP. I've never appreciated my period quite as much before! Smile

Is anyone else still waiting for the return of fertility, or just enjoying the absence of it? Or was I the last one?

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Yay! I just started mine last Friday! Boy, did I not miss that witch! But nice to be cycling again!

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Aw, you'll get there! I know you're really wanting that BFP - I know it will come! In ther meantime enjoy the practice Wink

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Congrats, girls Biggrin

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Congrats! I still haven't had a period. But that's okay!!

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YAY! Let's hope this means we'll see a BFP really soon!

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Yay! I actually didn't suspect it was a BFP b/c I thought there would be more exclamations. Biggrin

I started about 4 months back and I would have gladly waited longer. I have serious pain issues and even had to call DH the other day to have him come home so I could lay down for a while.

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hahaha well congrats on the return of the witch! Smile If I could have given you my fertility I would have eh? Wink Short cycles here, 23 days between each visit and when you're not trying for a baby, it's a real PITA! Mine came this morning Sad

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I got my first one last month. Grrrr. and it sucks!

glad someone is happy about it! haha

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Yeah, don't get me wrong, not having a period for almost two years was great... but I've never been one to refer to my period as a curse or witch... what a blessing it is, for the ability to bear children! Small price to pay if you ask me!

And for the record (because remember, my one friend kept saying that this period was going to be SUCH a doozy), this period has been totally normal. Not an extremely heavy flow, and while I'm sure I had a few days of moodiness, nothing extra crazy hormonally either. I guess I'm lucky so far! We'll see what happens next month I suppose! Smile

Sorry to those of you that are having your periods and not wanting them though... I definitely imagine that once I'm done having kids I won't be wishing my cycle to start up again like I was this time. Smile

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Yay to the return of fertility!!! Bring it on!