Guess who ate a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!!

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Guess who ate a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!!

This weekend, we gave Than half a grilled cheese sandwhich, and not only did he not have an allergic reaction, but he enjoyed it! Wahoo!

(For those that don't remember, Than had an allergic reaction to pre-sliced sandwich cheese in Feb 2011. It was an anaphylatic reaction. He was taken from the InstaCare center (which we ran to because it was the closest to our house) to the children's hospital by ambulance and kept in the hospital overnight. Later, he had a SPT by an allergist that reaveled he was allergic to cow's milk and eggs.)

We have been slowly and safely giving him cheese to "test" what he can safely eat. So far, he can have goldfish crackers (the original kind made with real cheddar, have no tried any other kinds yet), Kirkland shredded mozarella, and Kirkland block cheddar. We tried cheetos, and suspected a reaction so we won't be trying those again. We also have been trying cow's milk and eggs, but he's still reacting to those (rash and mild wheezy, but treatable with elimination and benedryl).

The grilled cheese is such a wonderful thing! This kid is so picky when it comes to food, I am thrilled to have another food he will eat. AND this continues the path of safely and slowly testing other cheeses.

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Woo hoo!!!!!

Good for you and good for him!!!

Food allergies can be so tricky. Fortunately cow's milk is an allergy that kids can often grow out of and I hope that's the case for Than too.

Yummy, I love grilled cheese with tomato soup Smile

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Hurray for than!! I love grilled cheese. Plus you can sneak in some ham or tuna and lots of fun things. I'm so glad you are finding him more foods to eat Smile

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That is great that he had NO reaction!!

I will say that I am confused on how he is able to eat cheese less than a year after he had a horrible anaphylatic reaction to cheese?!? Has he outgrown the milk allergy already?
DD2 (3yrs) has multiple food allergies including some that are anaphylatic.....there is NO way I could be testing those foods outside of a dr setting! Maybe I am just too gunshy to test the foods she is allergic to! We go back to the allergist in a little over a week to test her again to see if she has outgrown any of her allergies.

Please be careful when testing allergic foods! Allergies are SO scary!

I don't want this to come accross badly, but with child myself with Food Allergies, I don't take this kind of thing lightly!

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Yay for no reaction! I hope it's the beginning of not having to worry as much about the foods he eats.

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Thanks Ladies, I am thrilled that we have been able to add another food to his diet.

Carolyn - great idea to add more to it. He doesn't like the texture of lunch meat, and won't touch it. Maybe adding it to a grilled cheese will open his eyes to even more.

Tara - Yes, it is so scary! I am all for keeping kids safe. In our situation, we have suspected from that night in the hospital that is wasn't the cheese itself he reacted to, but a preservative or other ingrediant in the cheese. We base this off of the fact that he had other cheese before (cheese soup, string cheese, etc) and had no reaction. That night was the first time he had been given sandwich cheese. When we "try" a new cheese, we do it at a time we are both home, and able to walk out the door at any moment in case we have to go to the hospital. We have benedryl on hand and his dose listed right on the fridge. We also have an epi jr close at hand. When we decided to start "trying" foods, we had been advised of this by the allergist, and had been given those guidelines. We have stayed away from the type of cheese he reacted to- the sandwich cheese. In each instance, we start with a single "bite" of cheese, and then a waiting period. We give him enough that we would be able to see a reaction, and we pay close attention so we are ready and waiting if he has a reaction. We are very choosey about "trying" foods. We do it about once a week or every other week. We will continue to stay away from the sandwich cheese, and only give him items that state "real cheese", since we suspect (and so far, have been right) that he reacted to a preservative in the fake stuff and not to the cheese itself.
Does that help? I'm sure it is scary to hear my quick excitement without knowing my thought process. I hope that clarifies. If you still have concerns, or if you have any suggestions, let me know Smile

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PS I also want to mention WE (DH and I) are the only ones allowed to give him any cheese. We have agreed to let his sitter give him the goldfish crackers we specified (original with real cheese). But we are very clear that no one else is to give him any cheese under any circumstances. As his parents we are taking on this risk of a reaction, and do NOT allow anyone else to "experiment" with our child or his health.

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I totally trust your judgement and know that you will not do anything AT ALL to harm Than and I truly hope it did not come accross that way! Aubree has a severe allergy to Cow's milk and is not allowed to have ANY cheese at all or anything containing milk. I guess that is where my mind jumped since that is what I know. Just differences in kids and situations! Smile

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That is great news, Marie! Probably better for him to be eating real cheese anyway, than "cheese food product". Smile I use real cheese on sandwiches all the time! Smile

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That is so great! I had not forgotten Than's story. It stuck with me because it was so scary and made me extra cautious with Jordan. I would watch her like a hawk when she had a new food! In fact, I've told people about what happened to Than just to show how quickly things like that can happen. I am so glad it looks like he may be outgrowing his allergy!

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That's awesome! That will open up so many more foods for him!