Hair cuts...

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Hair cuts...

As you can see in my siggy pic, Beni is in desperate need of a haircut... at minimum she needs her bangs trimmed out of her eyes (DRIVES ME CRAZY the way that looks!). I tried a couple weeks ago to do it, and she swatted my hand away every time I came near with the scissors... it wasn't going to happen without putting her in danger of getting an eye poked out, so I let it be. I've been trying to put barrettes in her hair a lot recently, because she just looks so much less unkempt that way.

Anyway... so I know she needs a haircut, but, she won't let me do it, and it's not like Vientiane has a cool kiddies hair salon... so I think I am going to just try to get through it and wait til we get back to the States and take her to a place that will be fun enough/distraction enough that she will let them do it. Just in time for her 2nd birthday, I guess!

All that said, I have to admit, that for as much as I hate the way her hair looks right now, I am having some sentimentality about her having her first proper hair cut (she did let me trim her bangs once a few months I really don't know why she won't let me do it again!). It makes me laugh, because my step-nephew didn't get a haircut for SUCH a long time, and he had pretty thin curly hair, and he seriously looked like Bozo the clown... we used to make fun of him to his mom all the time... cause he just looked silly. But she was attached to the hair. Now I get it! I tell Beni all the time she looks like a street rat or street urchin... Smile

Is anyone else still attached to the hair? I know some of our Moonbeams started getting hair cuts like forever ago... but surely there is someone else still out there that hasn't had one yet?

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I cut Jake's once about a month or two ago as he (like my others) had a mullet ~ for some reason ALL of my kids get hair in the back before the front Smile He sat still, I took pictures, it was fun. I'm a little sentimental about it too, I save a lock of hair from their first cut and put it in their baby books. Its kind of weird now that I think about it, but my Mom did the same thing Smile We skip the kiddy places as I find them a little overwhelming, Luke just goes to a barber shop and Julia has only had one proper hair cut and I took her to the salon I get mine cut at. Growing out bangs can be a pain, I used to just put Jules hair in a little tiny ponytail on the top as I could never get barettes to stay in well. Now it's all one length with no bangs.

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One trick I see is distracting with stickers. Stick them all over her and her clothes - I'm not sure I would even attempt without an other person to help distract too.

Daisy is getting her first haircut this Friday at the barbershop at Disney World! It is looking really 'unkempt'. Problem is there really isn't much to cut - I want to grow her bangs so I guess we'll just be trimming the mullet and dealing with the growth period.

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Just wanted to add the every haircut for ds Diablo is still a struggle so I wouldn't expect coorperation anytime soon! Wink

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Jake got his first haircut on Christmas Eve--I cried lol! It was just he always had these sweet baby curls that I loved so dearly; but, like Melissa said it was turning into a crazy mullet. He looked super cute with his haircut, but I do miss his curls.

Oh, this is terrible, but we gave him a lollipop to distract him and we had no issues with the haircut.

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My parents were not very good at making any kinds of albums or saving much of anything from our childhood...but I do think I remember coming across a lock of hair in an envelope somewhere (not sure which one of us it belonged to)... Saving that isn't weird to me- maybe it is to other people? I don't know.

The salon I used to go to cost $50 minimum for me to get a hair cut... and usually more like $150 with color. WAY out of my price range now that we are poor. So I don't have a salon to take Beni (or myself for that matter) to... I'm not sure what my options will be back home... but I'll look around. I would not be past giving Beni something like stickers or even a lolly to get her to sit through the haircut. She doesn't eat candy otherwise, and it wouldn't be the first of many... it would be to get her to sit through the hair cut! Smile Meagan, I don't blame you for that one bit!

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I am also a softhearted & saved some of Nico's. I miss the little flip his hair had going on in the back, but he looks so cute & little boyish with the trim it makes up for it.

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Lainey hasn't had one.. but I knew I wanted her bangs grown out from early on so knew we wouldn't be giving her one. Actually.. my 2nd DD is pushing 4 and has never had one. She has extremely healthy hair, no split ends.. no need since she loves her long hair (as I do too) : )

You could always clip her bangs back while they grow out a bit.. or until you can get at her with the scissors! My SIL cuts her boys bangs while he sleeps. He never knows... LOL

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I'm like Melissa and saved some of the first hair clippings of each of the kids.

I totally take the coward's way out and trim Eve's bangs when she's sleeping. I've done it twice so far and probably need to do it again some time soon. I'm letting her grow the rest of her hair out. She's rocking pigtails and thick bangs right now.