Hand Foot and Mouth

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Hand Foot and Mouth

Keaton had a temp on Wed and was super clingy and whiny. Took him to the ped and he had a double ear infection Sad He was acting much better by Thurs afternoon. That night was really rough though. He woke up screaming at 1:30 and cried off and on for almost 2 hours. We tried bringing him to our bed but he just tossed and turned. When he got up yesterday morning I noticed he had a small rash on his face. By noon it was worse. It was now on his hands and ankles/ tops of his feet. Good old hand foot and mouth disease. Called the ped and although there is nothing to make it go away they suggested a mixture of Maalox and Benadryl. They said it would help coat his mouth to help with any blisters in it. He seems to be feeling a little better now and slept 12 hours last night. He looks pitiful though Sad

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Aw, so sorry to hear he's sick! I hope whatever you give him makes him feel better, and that he gets over it quickly!

This one is really contagious, isn't it? Someone was saying it was going around here in Vientiane... so kind of funny that it pops up by you as well!

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Ugh, Belle got HFM in Dec of 09... I was pg with Ben.. and she GAVE IT TO ME!!! Apparently most adults have been exposed to it as children, but I was somehow lucky. It wasn't a big deal for Belle, but OMG I was miserable.. like walking on pins and needles.

I don't remember it lasting very long. I hope he feels better soon!

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Poor lovie. Hope he is better soon. Somehow we have managed to escape that one thusfar, but it seems to go around school or our gym frequently.

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Sad I'm sorry, poor little baby.

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Poor little guy, I hope he is feeling better!

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Bummer. Hope he's better soon. All of ours have had it.

Actually right now my DSS#2 has fifths. Ugh.

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Poor baby. I hope he's better soon. Hugs!