Happy Birthday Alexander!

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Happy Birthday Alexander!

We hope you are having a happy and fun day on your first birthday Biggrin

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Happy 1st Birthday Alexander!! xx

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Happy birthday, indeed, Alexander!!!! Tell your mamma to come hang out with us more often! And here's hoping you had a very, very lovely day! Smile

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Woo hoo you made it the first year's done!
Now go and play and have some fun!

Happy Birthday big guy - hope it is awesome!!!!!!

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Happy Belated Birthday Alexander!!!! And yes tell mama we'd like to hear from her soon! Smile

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Happy Birthday Alexander!

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Happy First Birthday Alexander! :party:

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Aw, you ladies are so sweet! Thanks (very belatedly) for all the good wishes. It's so unbelievable that our babies aren't so much babies any more! Sad I think about you all the time, but getting online for anything more than checking for messages doesn't seem to happen these days.

I'm back at work teaching dance, and it is great! I find I have so much more patience and excitement about being with the kids since I don't have to be with them 24/7. I'm lucky in a way that I mostly work evenings, so we have an early dinner and then go to work, and DH puts the kids to bed. But...that also means that my time with him is basically zero now, and my evening online time is also gone. We still getting adjusted to the new schedule.

Our move back to Canada went well, Anthony loves his new preschool, and DH is busy writing his dissertation. We don't know where we'll end up once he's done next year, so more moving excitement is almost certainly on the way. Alexander finally started crawling at 11.5 months, and started cruising the same day. He's still cruising, and almost trusts himself for that first independent step. He's still a chubster at 29lbs 5oz on his birthday. Last week he even slept through the night (7 to 7) twice! I'm a new woman!

Other than the above, I'm the Maid (ok fine, matron, but I hate that word) of honour for my sister's wedding, which is the weekend after next, and lots of showers and prep have been keeping me entertained.

Hope you all are well! I'll read a few more posts, but might not reply much this time around. I'll try to be on more often.

Love you all!

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I'm glad to know all is going well, Veronica Biggrin Have fun at the wedding! Teaching kids to dance sounds like so much fun! I just love watching my kids freestyle; it's too adorable.

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So glad to hear from you Veronica!! I'm glad things are going so well for you guys, even if it is hectic. Smile

Alexander almost weighs as much as my 4 1/2 year old. Smile He's only 35.5lbs!

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Happy Birthday Alexander!! What a big boy, wow! Glad your move back went well- sounds like you guys are busy!