Happy Birthday Cody!

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Happy Birthday Cody!

We hope you are having a wonderful first birthday! Please let your mommy know we'd love to hear from both of you soon.

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Happy Birthday Cody!!! Hope to hear how well you're doing soon! Smile

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Thanks! Sorry I'm so MIA. I get a chance to lurk every now and then but it's just a hectic life I've got! All is well. We celebrated Cody's birthday on Sunday with a great party at our house. We're having tons of fun. Cody's getting so big (even wearing some 2T shirts!!!) and is loving playing with his big brother. Sometimes brother wants to play alone but all Cody wants to do is be around him.

I can't believe that he's 1 already. My boys are just growing up waaay to fast!

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That pictures is awesome, LOL!!! So glad to hear he's doing well and had a happy Birthday! Smile

Jake is the same way--he wants to be around Luke ALL the time. Luke isn't always thrilled about that LOL.

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The weekend's here it's your big day!
I hope it's great in the most special way!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!