Happy One Year of Hearing Baby!!

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Happy One Year of Hearing Baby!!

One year ago today Lucas got his first pair of itty bitty hearing aids!! I still remember the audiologist holding him, with him looking down at the floor, and then looking up at me with a big old smile when I called his name! I think that's one of the first moments when I knew everything would be ok.

He's gone through so much in the last year. He upgraded from his loaner hearing aids, to bigger, more powerful aids that we now own. Then he got his Cochlear Implant in his right ear, and recently got his FM system for his hearing aid. So much technology to keep track of, and so much technology to make listening for him easier. Smile

It's hard to believe that he went from the 5 month old baby that would lay on the floor, turning his head to the "ling sounds" (speech sounds), to the little boy who will now follow short commands, pick out animals or objects he knows out of books just by oral direction, and can hear things across the house, or outside. Yesterday the dog was barking outside and stopped playing to say "doggy" when he heard it.

He is hearing across the speech banana now- which means he should be picking up most of the sounds used for speech, whatever he doesn't hear now, he should be hearing very shortly. He gets a new MAP in two weeks that will tweak what is needed. Every day he makes new sounds and understands a little bit more.

I'm so proud of this little boy and how far he has come. He is right about age appropriate for speech and language- which considering he is deaf without gear, is pretty damn amazing. I can't wait to see how this next hearing year will go, especially now that he has his implant. I think we're going to continue to see leaps and bounds in his progress!

And now, to be even more sappy and sentimental...here's a few pictures of the first year of hearing! Wink

Getting his very first ear mold impressions at 4.5 months old. He was SO good.

Hearing for the first time EVER!

His sedated ABR in Boston, where we finally found out what his true hearing loss was.

The dreaded Pilot Cap phase, when it was the only thing that kept him from pulling his hearing aids out!

My sweet sweet baby right after his Cochlear Implant surgery.

Doesn't look like such a big deal, for such a big deal! Wink

Activation day! Another "first" day of hearing!

At a loud amusement park recently. I was about 15 feet away and called both their names. Lucas was paying attention! Wink

Thanks for being awesome cheerleaders for us the last year. One day Lucas will know all about all the wonderful people that were pulling for him! Smile

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What a wonderful milestone and amazing journey Biggrin I'm so happy that he's hearing, speaking, and reacting so well to sound! What a truly special little boy you have there, Tonya.

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What a fabulous anniversary! So glad he is doing so well. May he continue to prosper and HEAR! Smile

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That is so fantastic Tonya, I am amazed by his journey to hearing, such a brave and special little guy! Can't wait to hear how the next year goes for him! Smile

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Woot!! He's an awesome little guy!!! You are an amazing mom - what a team!!!