head banging?

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head banging?

Luke bangs his head on the floor whenever he is frustrated! some of our rooms have thick carpets, but others don't and wow he hits it hard! he will get a big red bump. 90% of the time it means he's tired. its a more reliable sign of nap time than eye rubbing.

anyone else doing this? i remember my brother banging his head on the floor as a three and four year old during tantrums. we had hard wood floors and he would seriously SLAM his head on the floor :eek:

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Avery doesn't do it but one of the babies in the daycare did it quite a bit at this age when things were not going her way. They usually just tried to stop it somehow but at times it was pretty bad

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Aaron does mild head banging, definite tired or frustrated sign, I just try and distract him and not make a fuss over him, I remember my DD#1 doing it at age 2 with tantrums, the day she hit it hard, cried from the pain and then never did it again! At this age it's hard to reason with them so distraction seems to work.

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Oh man that stinks!

My DS#1 did that and I also tried to ignore it as much as possible. He would slam his head against the wall usually and then look for me to react. Sometimes he would really hurt himself and cry. I really would try to remain calm (easier said than done) and just go over and talk gently to him and maybe move him to a different place to distract him.

For him it was also a sign of tiredness or even hunger.

Sorry he's frustrating you this way - it can be really disturbing to see it. GL - I hope he quits soon. My DS#1 was maybe 3 or 4 before he stopped. And actually, now that I think about it, when he's really tired now and he gets in trouble he'll throw a tantrum and punch or slap his own head (he's 7). Ugh, sorry, I'm no help at all.

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its not so bad with him! i just pick him up and put him to bed. maybe the concussion makes him fall asleep faster Biggrin

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Jordan used to hit herself in the head somewhat often. She hasn't done it as much recently now that I think about it. It definitely revolved around when she was tired or frustrated or both. The physical therapist that saw her said lots of kids do it, especially sensory seeking children. The good thing is that they grow out of it. I think the best thing to do is to distract him, like others said. I talked to Jordan's Pedi about it and he said giving her attention for it may encourage her to do it but I also needed to keep her safe so intervening was probably best. Hope he grows out of it soon! It's hard to watch for sure.

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When I was a baby/toddler I used to bang my head into a pillow or just the bed (but not hard things ever) to tire myself out and go to sleep. I can imagine though to see a baby hit their head hard would make me worry and freak out. I look up everytime Rachel hits her head on the crib. Sorry some of you are going through with this Sad Not fun

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Whenever my boys are mad, they tend to backwards head-butt whatever it is they're sitting on. I guess that's close but not really the same. I hope all of your kids grow out of that soon.

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Head banger here too! He's funny, he has a couple different reasons for it. He definitely will do it when he's really tired, or he's mad (and tired) because I walked away and he wanted me. Nap or bedtime almost always follows for that head bang.

He also does this little "affectionate" head bang. He'll go up to one of the animals if they are laying on the floor and start gently bumping his forehead off of them while smiling and sometimes squealing. This is followed by him hugging them. He will also forehead bump us sometimes- and often his cousin (who is 6 weeks younger). She does *NOT* appreciate this form of affection, and it often leads to her crying! Lol

DS1 used to do this too- although his was more often the throw himself backwards and smack his head off the floor type of tantrum. Thankfully Lucas doesn't do this very often, and Noah outgrew it!

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Ooh, I just posted this same topic over on the April 10 board. Maia has started doing this when she gets really frustrated about something and it was freaking me out. I'm glad to see all of your thoughts on this and hope that our little ones grow out of it soon! (This must be why parents get gray hair... the constant worry over new things that crop up!!)

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"reeveslady" wrote:

Whenever my boys are mad, they tend to backwards head-butt whatever it is they're sitting on. I guess that's close but not really the same. I hope all of your kids grow out of that soon.

Topher does that too. He doesn't bang the front of his head, but when he's really mad he'll put his back to a wall and bang the back of his head against it.