Homemade Detangler!

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Homemade Detangler!

Hi girls! I know there are some of you with curly-haired Moonbeams like Eve. Her hair really sticks to itself, so I have to detangle it every morning. I hated that the detangler I originally used on her had chemicals in it, so I went in search of a natural one and came across a recipe to make it myself. It works pretty well and does a pretty good job of helping to tame the frizzies too (at least, for us Smile ).

1 teaspoon real vanilla extract (do not use imitation)
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 cup water

Put all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl (I use a glass Pyrex measuring cup) and microwave for 30 seconds. Allow everything to cool completely then poor the mixture through a fine sieve to strain out all the oregano and put into a spray bottle. Spray liberally to hair that needs detangling and comb through. Store in the refrigerator. The recipe says it's only good for 2 weeks, but I've used it beyond that time, and it has been ok.

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wow this is awesome!!! Does it smell like vanilla... or like oregano?

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I am also interested in what it smells like!

This is sort of unrelated, but, I can remember once when I was little (like prob grade 5 or so) I ran out of conditioner (somehow I used to go through it faster than shampoo always). And it must have been a very tight week/month, because mom said I was just going to have to do without. Then she suggested that I use fabric softener, saying that when she was young, that is what they sometimes used. Weird? Reminds me of how people used to literally iron their hair as well. Anyway... like I said, unrelated. Smile

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OK, sorry so late to respond to you girls....that formula does smell oregano-y, but I just made a new batch with a couple more teaspoons of vanilla in it, and it totally smells like vanilla now. Her daycare teachers were commenting yesterday about how good she smelled.

I had forgotten the recipe and did 1 tablespoon vanilla and probably about a teaspoon and a half of oregano this last batch. It still seems to work well for us Biggrin I guess the trick is to just make sure the oregano seeps until the mixture is completely cooled. I made it really quickly, then we went out of the house for hours before I strained out the oregano this time.

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Huh, this could be great for my DD - what a mess her hair becomes - thanks!!