I miss you!

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I miss you!

Hello ladies!

How are my bestest board buddies doing? I have missed you ladies.

I've become a lurker, in the dark hours of the night. Don't worry it's not as creepy as it sounds lol I am back at work! I got a temp position where DH works, and applied for a permanent position as the temp was ending. I was offered and accepted the offer. I'm thrilled! I love the people I work with, the environment, the flexible schedule, the location, and I absolutely love what I do. Than is in 'daycare'. A lady that lives a few houses down from us adores him and watches him during the day. She also watches a couple other kids, including a little boy Than's age. Than has learned some great new things (using a snack cup, walking, etc) since being there, loves his best friend, and is having a great time playing all day and on a more structured schedule. The second income we now have is going completely (minus church tithing, which we fully believe in) to our Dave Ramsey baby steps. We are currently on BS#2, the debt snowball. We have $5k left on our car, with $1k additional towards it from my income. We are rocking it! DH and I are struggling a bit with communication lately,. It's frustrating for both of us. But we are still determined, and are plugging along trying to work through things.

Than, like I said, is thriving. He is walking now, finally. He started walking about a month ago. He still crawls every once in a while, through grass or going down stairs. He is talking a bit. He only says a handful of words- Mom, Dad, kitty, light, etc. But he can sign, and is communicating well with signing. Just today, he was signing "eat" and actually said the word "eat" with it. First time he's voluntarily signed and said a word without copying someone. I was pleasantly surprised! He is soooo smart. He has learned how to open doors, how to open the laptop and play a game, how to undress himself, how to unlock my phone. He loves to color, and sidewalk chalk is his favorite (and mine, since we don't have to make him stay on one piece of paper). He can clean (put toys away), help with laundry (pulling items out of the dryer and putting items on the bed), throw his diapers in the trash, put his dirty clothes in his laundry basket, help Mama clean the floor under his high chair (always plenty to clean there!). He loves loves loves music. He plays his little guitar, and loves Daddy's big guitar. He loves to play with the drumsticks, and will beat them on anything he can reach. He will spend more time playing on his xylophone than any other toy.

We have stopped trying to have our next baby. We aren't preventing but aren't trying. I hate this stage, it's too much of a gray area for me. If we get pregnant when we aren't officially trying, are we going to be upset? If we don't get pregnant when we are officially preventing, is something wrong? We talked a little about it this morning, and agreed to wait a while to officially try. I am so happy at my job, that I'm not ready to leave again. And if we have another baby, I don't know that I could leave my sweet little one to go back to work after only six weeks. I'm very torn about it. We wanted our next one close to Than's age, but feel we've missed the window of how close we want them, and will run into the hard stage with a newborn if we try now for our next, and on and on and on. There's a lot more going on than I can fit into this paragraph, but one thing is for certain. Obviously, we don't have any clue what we are going to do.

(For those that are on my FB, I did decide to cancel it. I have been looking for a reason to get rid of it for a while, and after the safety issue of Than, we decided it was time. I am planning to search out and take down any and all pictures of him that are anywhere I can find online. DH and I decided it was simply too risky, when our home and names were posted so publicly.)

So how are you ladies? How are your Moonbeams? As I mentioned, I sometimes lurk as I'm falling asleep at night. But I would love to have a general update about what you would like to tell me. I miss you all. I don't know how often I will be able to get in a update, but know that I'm thinking about you often, I miss you, and I hope you are all doing well.

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Hey Marie!

I kept meaning to post an update from you for everyone...but look, now you've done it yourself! Even better!

I'm glad you're doing so well with work. It's lovely to hear someone so happy about a step like that.

It's great as well that Than is doing so great. There are a lot of situations that children can thrive in, and I'm glad you've found one that makes you all happy!

I don't share your safety/privacy concerns with facebook, but, you gotta do what you're comfortable with! I hope it does mean you'll check in here more often!

As for us.... Beni is doing great. At a day shy of 18 mos she's still nursing, still not sleeping through the night (we get a 4 hour stretch every once in a while, but it's more like 2-3 usually), starting to eat really well... she runs, she loves to help around the house (the other day she was helping me put away clothes, handing me shirts one after another to fold and telling me who they belonged to!)....she loves to color, she does a lot of pretending now too....and she's getting to a stage where she makes jokes....tries to be funny on purpose- she makes all kinds of faces. It's hilarious. Even my DH noticed this the other day. Smile So anyway...she's good. Oh, and, she's also going to be a big sister come late May/early June! I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and so far so good!

DH and I went through quite a rough spot when we first moved to Laos (we got here in late, late July), but we're doing much better now. Things improved enough for us to make a baby, obviously. Smile He's still not really happy in his job, and we both hope he'll be able to change teaching positions next school year. If he doesn't, our stay in Lao might be very short (only 2 years), and he might try to look elsewhere for a PE position. We'll see!

Otherwise, that is about it! I'm still very happy as a SAHM, can't imagine going back to work....but I sometimes wish I had more options for stuff to do with Beni during the day- sometimes I feel the States calling my name- I'm pulled to being near my family, and having all the luxuries living State-side can offer (and when I say luxuries, I mean like, grocery stores, museums, play groups, my LLL group, sidewalks, etc...). But for now, we continue this life, and it's really a-ok. I'll get another good dose of Michigan when I go home to birth- I'll head there in late March, and we'll stay through the end of July.

So that's us!

Good to hear from you- don't be a stranger! Smile

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Yay Marie is back!!!!!!

I'm so happy you posted! I think about you often.

Sounds like you have some great direction going on in your life. It's awesome to be working and feeling like your kiddo is happy at the same time.

Sorry fb wasn't working out for you but it's totally understandable. I agree with Mara, I hope it means you'll post here more often!

As for TTC#2 for you I hope that however, whatever happens that you are happy and feel good about things. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do and how to feel.

Mason update: Mason was slow to walk also. I think it had a lot to do with the fluid in his ears. Once he got his tubes done he started walking full time almost immediately. He's in daycare also and LOVES it. Often when I go pick him up he doesn't want to come because he's so busy playing with his friends! Kinda breaks my heart a little because I want to be the most important thing to him but it also makes me smile because he's having such a blast.

All of my older kids are doing great too. They adore Mason and Mason makes them laugh all the time. I really believe our lives are so much better with him in them. He was our surprise and I wasn't sure how we were going to make it all work but frankly, he's really brought all the kids together and even though some days are tougher than others he's become our emotional glue that binds us together so tightly. Maybe it's not fair of me to put that kind of pressure on the little guy but he's done this all without even trying.

As for me I am absolutely done having more kids. I'm too old and my DH got the snip Smile

I will be going back to school starting in January to get my master's degree. I am totally terrified by this!!! But it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm so glad you posted. Don't be a stranger and if you need anything please feel free to pm me - I'm always here for you!

Yay - you're back!!!!

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Marie, I'm happy to see you on here! I'm sorry about the FB thing, but since you're not comfortable with it and you were having difficulty with people posting stuff you didn't want posted, I completely understand why you're giving it up. Yay on a job you're happy with and daycare Than loves. I think it's important for little ones to get to know others the same age, and it sounds like Than is having a ball with his new friend. Woohoo for walking. A friend of mine's 16 month old just started walking recently. It sounds like Than is great at communicating. That must have been where he was focusing all his efforts and walking waited a bit Wink All three of our kids were conceived during a period of not explicitly trying but not preventing. It was a semi-shock for each one, but we got over it pretty quickly each time. I think that's why it takes 9 months for them to develop--to give us time to prepare not just physically but mentally too Biggrin

Eve is entering a period of defiance yet extreme cuteness. I think the Hello Kitty as Darth Vader I picked out to carve her pumpkin actually suits her to a T Lol She's a huge climber and can get on top of the counter all by herself, loves to eat crayons as well as color with them, and is saying all kinds of words. She's a drummer, like Than, and is also really into dancing and is starting to sing along with songs.

It has been so good to hear from you! Drop in whenever you can Biggrin

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Awe, I feel so loved

I am posting from work right now. This won't happen often, but I had a few minutes to check in. I plan to keep up in the group more regularly. If nothing more, I will at least be able to check it out on Monday evenings when I have the late shift at work.

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So good to hear from you Marie. I was sad to see you post you would be leaving fb as I am much better at keeping up to date on there. I am like Mara and not as bothered by the security issues, but I do understand your concern. Our world is changing so fast, it is crazy to think of what it will be like when our moonbeams are parents!

Sophie is doing fantastic, she has so much personality, she is a total card. She has crazy curly hair and an impish grin. No real interest in talking much, but she communicates what she wants very effectively (which is why i think she doesn't care if she talks or not). She is having eye surgery next week, which I am dreading and looking forward to-will be nice to have the issue fixed, but don't like the thought of surgery.

As you likely read, we have a newbie in our house, Lachlan-I really need to update my signature. He is doing well, but man does that baby like to be held-a great challenge with three older kids. Like Christina, we are done like dinner, but are in debate on permanent fixes. I agreed a while back to get my tubes tied and was fine with that but now dh is volunteering to get the snip-I think it is peer pressure. The problem is, he was supposed to get it twice before, so not sure how reliable he is!

Otherwise, we are good, enjoying the kids and right now, I am just getting through each day! I am working on having more patience with the kids, finding I am quite short by the end of the day and not liking that about myself. I guess at least I recognize it, but any suggestions for preserving patience until bedtime would be welcome!

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Good to hear from you! WTG on getting your debt down! Dave Ramsey is awesome! Glad you like your new job and that Than is doing so well!
As for me, we are doing good. Keaton had his 18 month check today and aside from the shots, it went great! He's talking like crazy now and doing his best to keep up with his brothers. He has definitely developed a temper though! Must be the red hair Wink We have decided to try for #6 and I'm really hoping this is our month! Anyway, glad you posted and look forward to hearing more from you!