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Who is in her path?

What are you thinking? Are you in an evacuation area? Are you stocking up on supplies? What is your plan if you lose power for an extended time?

We are in PA, our beach town (in NJ) is under mandatory evacuation. My husband is away. So I'm solo parenting it through the storm. I'm stocking up today on non perishables, propane (for the grill in case we lose power) Ice, batteries, candles etc. Gassed up the car and took out cash last night. We don't have a generator and they are saying to prepare for 3 days without power. I'm having two friends spend the night on Saturday night as I will feel safer not being the only adult in the house with three kids so young.

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Ohh wow good luck!! I live in Bloomsburg PA, near Harrisburg. We're supposed to get 1-3 inches of rain and 30MPH winds, nothing to bad for us. We have plenty of food if the power goes out, and we have a grill with a range top if we need to cook. I don't think we'll lose power though. I know the coast is expecting 6-12 inches of rain!!! that's crazy. Hopefully people know to move their important thing out of their basements!

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It passed by here last night. I'm a bit south west of Daytona. We got some heavy rain in the night, as well as some wind, but nothing too crazy for my area.

I'm not sure how directly it's supposed to hit your area, but I'd prepare for more that 3 days without power if you're in her path. We were without power for 10 days after Charley (cat 4) in 2004. When everyone loses power and there are power lines down everywhere with water, trees, and more overtop of them it takes quite a while to clean up.

Good luck to all of you in Irene's path. Stay safe.

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Stay safe, everyone in that thing's path. Don't forget to look outside for anything that could possibly get moved around by the wind (patio chairs and the like) and secure them. Make sure you have food items that don't need much preparation, like peanut butter, jams, and the like. And don't forget clean drinking water. Make sure you have a working radio (the hand-crank ones are the best if you can find them now) and/or battery powered tv for news updates because your cellular service may go out. I hope that it moves quickly, does little to no damage, and doesn't leave any of you without power for long.

ETA: They always told us to fill our bathtubs with water so we'd be able to flush our toilets if water service gets interrupted.

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Stay safe! I am thinking of all of your in the path

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Ditto: stay safe. I'll be thinking of you!

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We're on the tail end of the path. Not really preparing other than putting away the tent... should slow down a lot before it gets here...hopefully! Dh said something about 5 inches of rain...maybe 60mph winds... maybe I should be worrying more than I am...but I'm not...

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I'm in central Maryland, but we're west enough that we're not expecting anything more than heavy rain and some gusty winds (maybe 35-45mph at the highest). I did buy a bunch of extra water, non-perishable food items, and filled our cars with gas JUST in case we were to lose power or something. Really though not expecting much! Especially since it seems to be losing strength much faster than they had originally predicted. TWC was zooming in on "lose shingles" this morning down in North Carolina, LOL.

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I live on the Jersey Shore 10 minutes west of Atlantic City. We are literally a couple of miles away from the mandatory evacuation zone. Our governor said areas west of Route 9 are "strongly advised" to evacuate. We live on the 1st floor of a condo but are just going to ride it out. I've lived through 4 or 5 hurricanes so far and know what to expect. Since I'm a few miles inland we'll just get the wind and flooding in some areas. It's supposed to hit tomorrow early a.m.

Watching the news atleast the storm has been downgraded to a Cat 1 and the wind isn't nearly as bad as they predicted yesterday. It's going to be like a bad tropical storm if the wind stays at 50-75 mph.

Hopefully, the power won't be out for too long even though our electric company said to expect multiple days. I'm thinking 2 at the most.

My DH's godmother is 84 (she lives with us) and she's nervous because she keeps watching the news seeing evacuate all over the screen for our area. Between her and the baby it's gonna be tough keeping them happy and entertained through this LOL.

We still have to run out tonight for ice. And I'm waiting for my Amazon package to come this afternoon. We need that flashlight! I've got a zillion candles flameless and large Yankee ones. I've got foam coolers and have been freezing bags of water and cubes since yesterday. I've got tons of dry goods anyway so we're good there. I'm thinking the storm will be in and out in maybe 12 hours so the food in the fridge/freezer should be alright.

I've got tons of yarn so I'll be crocheting a sweater or two for DD Smile Grace will be doing crossword puzzles I'm sure. My DH will be playing with DD and listening to the radio I guess. Wish us luck! I'll be praying for the rest of you so everybody stay safe!!

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Jackie it does seem to be really dying down fast, doesn't it? I just got in from a run and it suddenly doesn't seem so scary. Hit the liquor store, stocked up on water and good eats and candles and flashlights so we are good for a few days Wink Like you, have to go get some ice this afternoon. I'm really just worried about a tree on the house or the loss of power for several days. I'm planning on putting the things that we need on ice in a cooler, and leaving the fridge and freezer shut so that if the power does go out the tons of meat and food we have frozen won't be lost. They say that frozen food is good for 48 hours or more if you don't open the freezer at all.

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Luckily I moved inland a few years ago, but my the rest of family is in Eastern NC. My older brother and thier family from New Bern, NC came to stay with us last night to get away from it and the eye of the storm basically went directly over our river house. My parents are headed that way in the morning to see what kind of damage has been done there. My parents' road is completely flooded now and the debris is pretty bad. But they are hoping to make the drive. My younger brother's next door neighbor had a tree fall on their side porch and took it completely out and they have been without power all day with twin 15 month olds so I know they are pretty miserable right now! Thank goodness all we had here was wind gust of about 20-30 mph every now and then and a tiny bit of rain. For those in it's safe!!! The pictures I saw from the coast were rough!

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We're at the end of it, and we're inland, so I'm really hoping it wont be too bad. They're calling it a Tropical Storm for us now, with gusts up to 60 MPH and heavy rain. I'm also home alone with the kiddos, DH was supposed to fly in tomorrow afternoon, but that's not happening anymore. I'm planning on staying home, but my Sister and BIL are 3 minutes away if I need anything. I went and got a bunch of water and non perishable food. Thankfully it was time to grocery shop anyway so I don't have too much in the fridge/freezer that will go bad. I filled the bathtub, and extra water buckets for my horse. Set up a bigger shelter for her, although our nice neighbors came over and offered her a stall should it get too nasty out. I'm *really* hoping that by the time it gets up here it wont be as bad. Everytime I check the weather it seems to be decreasing in what they are expecting.

A weird, random thing I noticed tonight was the sky was really red. Made me think of the old saying "Red sky at night, sailors delight"- doesn't seem to fit with the current weather forecast!

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We still have power and my husband decided to delay his work trip so we had great night of feasting with friends and I got to sleep in my husbands arms Smile lots of trees and limbs down and both of my friends who stayed here don't have power so it looks like the party continues today!

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It's starting to blow good out there! Still have power though...