its a boy :) :) :)

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its a boy :) :) :)

here's the money shot Biggrin


Everything looked normal, but i do have to go back for more pictures. He was moving around so much they had trouble getting pictures of his heart. I was there for 90 minutes! my tummy is actually really sore from all the probing. The radiologist came and and he couldn't get the shots either lol. I do have to go back, but they said everything looks normal, they just need the pics for documentation.

the only thing that concerned me was the heart rate. They did it three times throughout the scan. it was 103, 107, and then 112. He certainly was not sleeping! I was there 90 minutes because the little bugger wouldn't hold still. He didn't look distressed with the way he was moving around. Anyone else had a heart rate that low? I do have an appointment next week so I can ask then, plus get it re-checked!

and i'm really lovin the name Nicholas Wink

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Congrats on another boy! I love the name Nicholas Smile

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They had trouble getting pictures of Eve's heart too. But that was because she was sleeping and wouldn't budge even though I did the twist in an effort to encourage her to move. I'm guessing they just couldn't get a good reading for your little guy because he was moving too much. Early in my pregnancy with Sean they couldn't even detect his heartrate even though he was moving around like a madman.

Nicholas is a very sweet name Biggrin

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Woohoo Carolyn! I love Nicholas Smile How special to have 2 little boys close in age Smile

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It's a good thing your young and fit cuz 2 little boys are gonna keep you hoppin! Congrats! Very exciting!!

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Congrats...I love having my 2 boys close in age. They are best buds most days.

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Congrats, Carolyn!!! I'm sure they'll be best of friends!!!

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Yay! Luke is going to love having a brother so close in age & of course, I LOVE the name Nicholas!!;) Congrats Carolyn!!

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Wow, that is the most obviously BOY boy shot I've ever seen! Biggrin

Welcome to the 2 boys club!!!!

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"JenH" wrote:

Wow, that is the most obviously BOY boy shot I've ever seen! Biggrin

those were my thoughts exactly!!! I can never see boy/girl parts on ultrasound!! At work we joke about the "janitor's sign," when something medical is so obvious even someone with no training can pick it up... well the "boy" in that ultrasound is definitely a janitor's sign! anyone can see it!

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LOL Carolyn, Aarons U/S shots of his boy parts were very obvious too, reminded me of a paci!! bwahahaha

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Yay!!!! Mason was the same way - so wiggly they couldn't get any pics or good measurements either! He's still that way!!!

Congrats on another sweet little boy - you are gonna have your hands full and it will be great!!!

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Congrats, Carolyn! Having 2 boys is awesome. I like the name Nicholas, too.

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I know I already told you on FB, but I wanted to say again congratulations and how awesome it is to have two boys. I LOVE having little boys! And, since they are so close in age, they will be the best of friends! YAY!!!