Kayley's 12 month appt

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Kayley's 12 month appt

She weighs 19 lbs 11 oz (at 4 days til 13 mo) and is 29.9 inches tall. She looks great! She was very accepting of all the strangers- I was proud! Her bottles are now 6 oz of milk with 1 scoop of formula. She maintained her new lower weight curve with the extra formula so he suggested I keep her on a little bit until she starts eating more food. She got 3 shots. Next appt is at 15 months.

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good job kayley!!! i love her birthday cake. did you make it? its adorable!

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Yes I did. Smile

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She was almost the same stats as Beni at her 1 year! Smile Way to go Kayley! Smile

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Everything sounds great! Yep that cake is awesome Smile Hope she's going OK after the shots, Aaron had a rough time of it afterwards (like a week!)

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Yay for a great appointment! She's such a little peanut! My DD was the same way.

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Looks like she's doing great Biggrin She's truly a beautiful girl, and that cake is awesome! Hello Kitty is so fun.