Language Explosion...

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Language Explosion...

Lainey is going through one.. it is so cute and so exciting to hear.

She knows many words.. basic ones (mama, dada, thank you, ball, No, yes...etc) probably 20 or so...

But this week she is mimicking things we says (like an echo!) and saying two phrases!

"Lets go!"
"Thumbs up!" (complete with thumbs (sorta) in the air)
"All done!"
"High Five!"
"Peek-a-boo!" (this one has been going on a few weeks)

and the most unexpected one: Sponge bob!

She was carrying around a fruit snack wrapper one of her sisters had and was saying "BOB-BOB!" over and over.. "BOB-BOB.. BOB-BOB!" I could figure it out til I looked and spongebob was on the wrapper! It was so cute and she picked that up on her own.. not like I tried to teach her to say Spongebob! LOL

Anyways.. anyone else notice a language explosion???

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That's awesome!! Miles says: mama, dada, kitty, dog, sissy, bath, thank you, all done and bye bye. He's been pointing and grunting when he wants something so I've been trying to really express the actual word to him of what's he's pointing far its not working. lol.

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That is awesome! Keegan sounds about like Miles. He loves to point and grunt these days, then continue on to get mad if he doesn't get what he wants! Funnnn!

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Jordan's language acquisition (as far as speaking) has been slow but she's had a signing explosion. I know the talking will follow eventually but I am so glad she has a way to communicate to us since she also does the pointing and whining at things.

She says mama, dada, hi, , uh-oh, bye, ball, and baby. She tries to say apple but it comes out "aaaa" while she signs it. I think there are a few others that don't sound like the word at all but are the beginnings of her learning to say them.

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We have had single words for awhile now but she has totally been almost forming full thoughts lately. It is also becoming very clear.

We have momma, dadda, nana, papa, bye bye, hi, oh man, please (not exact), thank you, night night, no, more, done, cup (for her milk), she can say the names of my two sil's and one of our good friends

And she can do animal sounds for cow, sheep, lion, duck, dog, monkey, snake, cat sort of...

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How cute Smile Aaron says many words (I expected some more but he's slower than the girls, he grunts too) and understands a lot of instructions. His latest words/sound is "Uh oh!" He tells me if he's hungry (he'll whinge and say 'yum yum') and same with his milk/bottle (he'll whinge and say bottle;sounds like 'boddle')...he is starting to point to his body parts too..I cannot compare him to my DD#2, she was a brilliant talker and by 18 months was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" clearly and with bravado (something I wish I caught on video but got plenty of relatives who remember her doing it)

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Hi, I'm Jess. I am a speech pathologist and I mod the speech and language board here. I just have to chime in here and say how great it is to read about language explosions ! I love it.

Here is a link about speech and language milestones that you all may want to bookmark for reference:

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Beni mostly speaks Latvian, which is awesome to me. Smile

So she says:

mamma (which to her can mean momma or ball- even though the word for ball is bumba)
tetis (dad)
karsts (hot)
vau vau (woof woof- her way, obviously, of saying dog)
kakis (cat)
udens (water)
ata (bye)
opa (pick me up!)
ara (outside)
she shakes her head no
and she says hi, in English. Smile

What amazes me is how much she understands- her receptive language is awesome- she knows the words for nose, eyes, mouth, feet, shoes, pants, diaper, poop, and more I'm sure... just can't think of them now. Also when she's hungry she comes up to me and goes "nummy, nummy, nummy" but in Latvian.

And then of course she uses signs for nursing, all done, more and eat as well.

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Weston is amazing me every day with his speech! He has 40+ words that he uses, and he understands a lot more as well. His newest word is dinosaur, it comes out "di-sor." He's so smart, and I know he'll be giving me a run for my money pretty soon :).

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Hi, Jess *waves*

Eve's brothers were much better at talking than she is at this point, or at least I thought they were until I started listening more intently. It turns out she is saying a lot of words, but they just aren't clear yet. Like, she says "Daygee" or "Gaybee" meaning "baby." She also says "Thank you," but it comes out more like "Da doo." Other words, which come out perfectly, are mama, dada, daddy, uh-oh, yay, yeah, uh-huh, and, most recently ow. The girl understands every word we say. Like, we'll be talking about going to the store or something, and she goes and finds her shoes and brings them to us to put on her. She'll go looking for her brothers if we talk about them, and she makes good use of her head when we ask her questions (shakes head no, nods yes). She likes to sing and will aaaaaaaa ooooooooo to tunes she likes. Her words are just murky right now, I guess.