Lucas' story on the radio!

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Lucas' story on the radio!

I don't think I mentioned much about this, but we had a couple of students from The Salt Institute, which is a documentaries studies school here in Maine following us around for a couple of weeks. They were doing their project on kids with hearing loss and cochlear implants. They picked our family as one of the subjects to base their project off it. It was a really cool experience once I got used to them following me around with a mic in my face and taking picture's of everything (even out in public!). I felt like I was on a reality show! haha! The radio piece was aired recently on the local Public Broadcasting radio- and I thought I would share it here. I was really happy with how it turned out! There is also a multimedia piece with pictures and voice, but it's not online yet.

Here's the link:

I've been MIA again! I've been trying to follow when I can! We have had a crazy couple of weeks. My MIL was visiting last week and thankfully went home saturday. She's a very different person than I am used to. It's weird for me to watch a grandmother show very little affection to her grandkids. Thankfully we live near my parents who are VERY affectionate!

Lucas also got emergency ear tubes this past friday. The fluid was not clearing up and he couldn't have any fluid in his ears before implant surgery on the 16th. Friday was the last day he could get them and not have it be too late (for healing purposes I guess). It went very well. It was kind of a dry run for the big surgery! It's amazing how much better he can hear now. He was totally deaf with the fluid- no reaction to even the loudest sound with his hearing aids on. Now he's turning to his name again- not as well as before, but he'll get there. Not hearing for two months when you've only had hearing aids for 8 months is a pretty large chunk of time!

I also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the babies who's birthday's I've missed! I hope they all had wonderful birthday's filled with fun! I still can't believe we are already at this point!

Also- we named the goat- I forgot to come back and update it! I loved all the name choices, and read them all to Noah (who I gave the responsibility to picking the name- because I couldn't!). After a few days he decided on "Flash"- for Flash Thompson from Spiderman! haha!! Fits the little guy- he's super cute!

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I listened to that the other day - I thought it was great! You are such a great mom!

Love the name Flash - perfect!

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Great story!

And I like Flash too.