Lucas' Surgery!

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Lucas' Surgery!

Hey Ladies! Just wanted to let you all know that we are headed to Boston tomorrow to start the process for Lucas' surgery. We will be having a pre-op meeting tomorrow, and getting his surgery time in the afternoon. Sometime on Thursday is his actual surgery date. I'll be updating on facebook and posting pictures as I can. Anyone that I'm not friends with yet, you can find me through a search for Tonya Ng. I'll probably post something on here with more detailed information on how things went sometime afterwards.

I'm getting really nervous. I know it's an "easy" surgery as things go, and fairly quick at 4 hours long, but it still scares me. My DH is thankfully in town (although he has to leave the next morning for a show in DC) and my whole family will be coming down for support. If you all could keep him in your thoughts and prayers for Thursday I would appreciate it soooo much! You have all been so supportive throughout this entire process, and I can't express how much it's meant to me.

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I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow! I know Lucas will be an amazing trooper!

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Yay! Make sure to KUP when you can! T&P your way - go Lucas!!!!

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oh thinking of you guys! best wishes!

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Thinking of you today!

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Also thinking of you!

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I see pre-op went well. I'll definitely be thinking of all of you tomorrow ♥

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Prayers for Lucas! I've responded on FB but I thought I would say it here too. Biggrin

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We spoke once on the April boards when I was complaining about audiologists. I'm so glad your little guy is doing great and I'm thinking of him and you today!!