Luke is NAPPING again!!!

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Luke is NAPPING again!!!

Hi everyone Smile

So DH and I just got back from a trip to Minnesota for 5 days... but this thread is not about that lol. Luke stayed with my mom and did really well.

I called her the first night after warning her that he gave up napping about 3 weeks ago. She tells me that he took a two hour morning nap and a 1 hour afternoon nap :eek: I was soo shocked. I have missed his naps terribly because I am STILL working nights and now I don't even get a nap in during the day. He continued to take 2 naps a day the entire time he was with her.

I begged her to tell me her secret. The room his is staying in has light blocking shades. His room at home just has blinds that even when closed leave the room very bright. She also was putting him in his pajamas for naps to get him in sleeping mode.

We got home yesterday and I worked last night. This morning at 9:30 I hung towels over his windows to block the light, put him in pajamas, and he went RIGHT to sleep for TWO hours. And then took an hour nap this afternoon. My baby is napping again!!! I am thrilled :D:D:D
I'm definitely sending DH to Home Depot tonight to get shades for his room.

I had to share my excitement, and I know there's some other baby's here boycotting naps so I wanted to offer Luke's miracle cure. woohoo!

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Welcome back, hope the trip was great!

That's excellent news Carolyn and such a Godsend for you too!! Aarons room is very dark pretty much all the time so maybe that's why he still sleeps well! I know for myself it's really hard to sleep in a lighted room, I am so happy for you that it's all figured out now because Luke is definitely at that age where he still needs naps...I hope this remedy works for someone else too!

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Yay for napping babies! Just in time for your new little one! You will be so greatful to have Luke napping again once Nicholas is here! Lucas is still napping well, but Noah had started to try to drop naps shortly before Lucas was born (around 2). I started hanging a blanket in his window for the same reason and he started napping again. He is still napping at 3.5 and I am determined not to let him stop. He really needs it, but I need it just as much! Putting him in his PJs is a good idea- gets him into "sleep mode".

I hope your trip was great, and I'm glad you came back to a napping baby! What a nice surprise!

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That is amazing! Isn't it funny how these kids are so good at pretending they don't need sleep?? I am so glad he is napping for you. They are important for moms too!

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Woooohooooo!!!! That is awesome!!!! Smile

Ok, but, Minnesota? I thought you were going to Oklahoma? Or is that a different trip?

And please tell me, if you work nights, and Luke doesn't even nap during the day....when do you EVER sleep???? I can't imagine being in your shoes working such hours AND pregnant! I'm hardly making it as a SAHM pregnant! ha!

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Welcome back!

That's awesome news about the napping. My kids have alrways had room darkening shades. I also have noise machines for them to block other day time noises (and night time ones for that matter). It makes a huge difference.

I'm so glad that's working out for you!! It'll be so important once the new baby comes for you to be able to get a break.

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What a great surprise to come home to! Keep sleeping well, Luke Biggrin

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