This makes sense...

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This makes sense...

I always wondered why I had an awful latch with Aaron breastfeeding, I always felt it wasn't right and he never got a 'mouthful' at every feed...and now I know a possible reason why. Now my SIL had the exact same thing...if you see pics of Aaron you can see how thin his top lip is. If I turn up his top lip it's basically joined/fused with a bit of skin and gum and he has a big bit of gum between his two front teeth too. My SIL actually had to get hers cut and had special braces to bring her teeth together. My girls had big gaps at first but didn't have the skin/gum thing happening like Aaron. It's nothing dramatic for Aaron, it's purely cosmetic but it explains why he could never get his top lip over (and why I was so sore all the time feeding, even after so long...and probably another reason added to a supply issue because he couldn't stimulate the breast enough.) Anyway, there's a bit of info for you!

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Poor guy (and you too!). My Luke was tongue-tied, and I might never had known if it weren't for these boards. He actually could nurse ok (which was why the docs didn't pick up on it), but his speech was hampered until we got it fixed.

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poor baby! and that bit of skin is called the frenulum Biggrin

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Aww i bet this is what it was then. My 5 year old is also tongue-tied and i never knew or knew you could fix it and we ended up only nursing a few months. I wish someone would have informed me about this. Will still havent done anything about it because his speech is fine and my dh also has this and he is 37 and is fine. If i would have known in the hospital and would have known it could effect him nursing i would have cut it. Stuff like this is so common. My other 2 dont have it.

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Yup, good chance that was the issue...

My DS was/is also just a touch tongue tied which a nurse picked up on after we RETURNED to the hospital for his jaundice and my completely scabbed nipples. Youch!

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My cousin's two daughters have both had to have their frenulum snipped because it connected between their front teeth. It's an easy procedure, and both girls were their regular selves the day after! If you have any questions I'd be happy to ask her for you Michelle! Her youngest actually just had it done a week ago, and the doctor also discovered she was tongue-tied and corrected that at the same time. She was perfectly fine that night even.

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Thanks for the extra info Smile I might take him to the docs and see what they think...not sure if this type of problem does anything to speech but reading up on it, it's purely cosmetic because it causes a big gap between the front teeth. I suppose I can thank our lucky stars we were able to actually breastfeed for 8 months! I must say he does look cute with his big gap Wink

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That's really interesting and does make a lot of sense! They should educate ped's more about this--maybe they could help more mamas and babies with nursing troubles. It's just a shame you had to learn this after he was done nursing! You should be even more proud now that you nursed for so long. Smile

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aww poor guy! I have a friend from newfoundland who just did a big trip to New York to have her baby's tongue tie and lip tie fixed by a wonderful doctor. He gained a whole lb in two weeks.

It is more common than people realize. I hope you can get some answers and WTG for nursing for so long!