Milk in a Sippy help!!!

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Milk in a Sippy help!!!

Ok so this is for bottle fed moonbeams or even it may be advice you have from previous children...

We are ready to switch Avery over from formula and the bottle. So far we have been doing 4 oz of formula in a bottle with 4 oz of milk in the bottle just to get rid of our formula. She drinks water from just about any style sippy cup but when I put milk in it she is really not interested. She likes the milk out of a bottle because we can give her a full bottle of just milk and she will take it.

Any suggestions how you did it? From what i have been told so far she will drink when she is thirsty but if we continue to offer the bottle she will always know she can get that. The pedi told us we should not worry about her calcium intake since she eats yogurt and cheese and what she gets from milks will be enough. Do we just literally make her drink from sippy by not ofering the bottle? how long do you wait?

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Honestly, milk didn't settle well with DD, so she doesn't get it. All she gets is yogurt and cheese and she gets plenty of calcium. She's 3 and she's healthy.

I'd say ditch the bottle and she will eventually get the point that that the bottle isn't coming back. All my kids get in their sippies is water anyway.

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I know for Aaron that his milk bottle is not only a drink for him but a source of comfort so we wont be getting rid of it just yet (all my kids were the same and I had no problem 12 months down the track switching), but that's up to you. BFing babies feed from mothers for comfort and milk and I see it the same way!(but he doesn't take a lot at one time, maybe 4-5oz? 4-5 times a day) Of course in my case Aaron is sensitive to dairy so we are keeping with the formula for a while yet anyway. I know my DD#2, when she was 2.5 and had her milk in her sippy cup, it was no where near as much as if she had a bottle and before long she wasn't having any milk (she was on formula til then too because she didn't eat well and was/still is tiny).

In any case just keep offering the sippy if that's what you want to do and don't stress how much she is taking in if her calcium intake is fine elsewhere...I think she'll get it eventually.

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We went through this recently as my little guy refused, (like, passionately) to drink anything, (water, pumped milk etc) from a sippy OR bottle. We were leaving him for 6 days and he was only 10.5 months so obviously he had to learn to do something other than nurse. It was awful, but it is true that when they are thirsty they will drink. He now drinks from both easily, thankfully, and we are still nursing.

It seems like there are two issues ~ the milk and the bottle. If you are worried at all about intake you could just go to all sippies of water during the day, and keep one bottle at bedtime of cows milk. I know that the recommendation is to wean from bottles around a year, but really if you use them wisely (i.e don't put kids to bed with them so that the milk sugars stay in their mouths/on their teeth all night, brush post bottle and pre bed and don't let them sip milk from a bottle all day long) I don't see one bottle a day as that big of a deal for a few more months. Maybe taking her down to just one bottle of milk/day, then brushing teeth and putting her down, and using sippies of water all day long might make the transition easier for both of you without creating fears of her not getting enough or having sleep disruption or being a bottle addict who is hard to break of it and/or hurting her teeth, you know?

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Thanks for the suggestions... I am not sure what I am worried about or even worried at all lol I just want it to be easy which clearly that is not the case. It is not so much an age thing either for me because I am not set on that but I do think she is ready to be off the bottle. She eats really well and she gets plenty of calcium so I guess it is more of a comfort for me!

I think we are going to just stop offering it and see how it goes and hopefully it won't take too long to transition

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Good choice, just offer sippy's. She'll get it, she really will.

GL - I hope it's a smooth transition for you!

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Yup, just stop offering the bottle. D does much better with a straw cup. I'd say stick to whatever cup she drinks water best out of and just keep offering milk it. They actually cut their milk intake way down at this point which i had a hard time accepting with my first two. Daisy never took a large amount of formula so her not taking as much milk doesn't bother me as much! Also try measuring out her milk for the day separately and you can really see how much she is drinking. We are at about 2 cups and that is plenty. With my other two they went from about 30-36 oz of formula down to about 16oz of milk. (Daisy never took more than 24 oz of formula in a day.)

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Sounds like a good plan! Just be sure to hide all your bottles/bottle supplies so she doesn't see them. I don't know how Avery is, but if Eve sees something she'll start demanding and won't give up until she gets it. Out of sight, hopefully out of mind.