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Moms of 2 or more

The nap post got me thinking about this too. Naya still takes a morning nap for about 45 min to 1.5 hours. Now that the boys are off from school for the summer i feel like i am always yelling at them to be quiet or sit and watch tv or play games together with out being crazy. I dont want to be that mom that i always going shhhhhhhh a million times but i need her to nap. I even have a fan in her room to block out noise but boys are very loud. What do u other moms do while your little ones nap? In the afternoon Beckett my 3 year old usually still takes a little nap so Brody is better with playing legos or cars or watching a little tv. Anyone else have this problem?

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*raises hand*

We are on day two of vacation but day one I felt the same. It was me in constant freak out mode about them being too loud.

We'll see how today goes - she is usually fine as long as it's quiet enough to initially fall asleep. Yesterday we started naptime at the same time i set the kids at the kitchen table to write thank you letters to their teachers so it worked out - sort of...

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It really isn't that much of a problem here. I think Keegan is used to it by now, lol! It does help that we have a toy room that is on the other end of the house, so if they are getting extra loud I send them out there.

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Fiona is really good at napping through noise. We even had our home alarm tested and she slept through it. Violet does tend to do quiet activities during nap time though, so it's not a big problem in our house.

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I don't know if it's because Eve is a sound sleeper like me or if it's because she goes to the daycare (where there could potentially be sleepy-time disturbances from the kids who don't want to sleep at nap time), but we've very fortunately not had any issues when at home during nap time. Ditto the suggestion to try to get the older kids to play in another room. I'm speaking from experience here--if a kid is really keyed up, it's nearly impossible to get them to speak/play in hushed tones. Maybe it will be possible to take the older kids out for some intense outdoor activities before Naya's nap time, so they can run/yell to their hearts' content and get it out of their systems and then come in for some more reserved coloring/painting/arts and crafts kind of activities when it's nap time for her? Going back and reading what you wrote, that may not necessarily be feasible if it's her morning nap you're concerned with. Maybe she can deal better with noises while she's sleeping than you think.

I just noticed that we have pretty much the same spread, and your Beckett is only a few days older than my Luke. How cute!

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I've only got the one kid, but, after having lived alone for most of her life, and now living with my very loud step-mother and deaf father (he is so losing his hearing at his age, and refuses to get hearing aids)- I'm having an issue keeping them quiet enough to not wake her! Not to mention the big puppy that sees fit to bark randomly. I know it's totally different, but I just hear ya on the sleep disturbances. I guess I could have tried to be louder myself while Beni napped when she was younger to get her used to sleeping through noise, but, well, that just seemed kind of silly. Smile

I hope you can figure something out! Smile

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I have noticed that before about our kids almost being the exact same ages too. The only problem is that we are living with my mother in law for the next 8 months or so and her house isnt that big and the living room is the play room. You would think her being #3 that she would be more of a sound sleeper but she is the worst out of my 3. I can just open her door to check on her and she is up. Thanks for the tips guys i just think my boys are I would be so mad if a barking dog woke her up i would put the dog outside. I always think about the movie Marley and me and what she went through. I dont think we will get a dog for a very very long time.