Month of Thanks...

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Month of Thanks...

So I thought I would start a thread for us to show our thanks.. I know a lot of people are doing it through Facebook but this is a great way to show it here! People can post daily, weekly, or not at all and just enjoy others Smile

Tuesday thanks: I am thankful for the community of ... As Aves had surgery today so many friends from here commented and wished us luck when some IRL people haven't gone out of their way... Love you ladies!

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Nawwwww, we love you too!!

I'm also thankful for all you ladies. This has been an amazing place for me to find comfort, support, humor, and a good place to go to just take a 2 minute brain break.

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How sweet are you, Aimee??? Seriously, I have tears.

I'm thankful for all of you, too Biggrin

Also, Zumba, which, incidentally, you girls actually gave me that one last push to go to that first time.

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Today I am thankful for my coffee!!! Since Aves was up at 5:15 lol

But really also thankful for having my in-laws when my parents are gone. Last night they met us at the mall for Aves pics and then we went to dinner and they took Avery home and put her to bed so we could xmas shop... it was a nice time for DH and I

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I am thankful today for my husband who puts up with more $hit from me than he ever should. I am a lucky lady.