Moving to a different country?

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Moving to a different country?

Hi Ladies,

Life has been hectic here in my world. Between marriage problems (separating and repairing), husband being in the hospital (he's released, but still having issues), daycare issues (too many to name), and my mental health hitting an all time low, I haven't put much effort into being online. I hope you don't hate me for it!

Hubby and I have been discussing moving to another country. I'm posting this here because I know you ladies are willing to provide tons of information at the mere asking. I'm wondering if those of you that live in or have lived in another country would be wiling to talk with me about it? We haven't decided we ARE moving, but have decided we need to investigate our options. You may post here and I'll contact you, you may ping me, PM me, email me, or text me.

Thanks to anyone willing to help out. I miss you all, and hope to get back on the boards eventually.

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Hi Marie, I just saw this now, and can offer some info about moving/living abroad if you're still looking for it. Hope all is well!