Need some help girls....

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Need some help girls....

Keegan is a bear and not sure what is going on here....

Sunday-Tuesday he had an on and off temp of 102 and super cranky. No other symptoms. No runny nose, cough, diarreah, nothing. Sleeping fine, eating fine. Not seeing any signs of teeth. So just figured something viral and needs to run course.

Tuesday-today. No fever, I think once it was 99....but that is no biggie. He is still napping and sleeping fine. But when he is awake he will not let me put him down. Period. If I try he clinches to me and Cries and screams if I do. And will scream and cry the entire time I am not holding him! Even when I am holding him there are sometimes he is not consolable. I have been using orajel, motrin, and different things to chew on just incase it is teeth, but still not seeing anything coming. And it doesn't help. He wants to nurse constantly!! I don't like seeing my baby like this!

I took him to the doctor this morning. Not our normal doctor. Bad decision! He was the doctor that caused DD1 to despise the doctor for a long time. He cleaned and cleaned out his ears. Making him horribly upset. I think he looked in each ear 4x. At one point was going to say he had and EI then dug more and changed his mind! He was screaming! He screamed so much that be now has busted cappilaries all over his face (DD1 does this too!) red dots all over his face from the screaming! Telling me all the outrageous tests we "could" try if it doesn't resolve itself. I will NOT be seeing this doctor again. Still NO answers.

He has been drinking Soy Milk for about 3 weeks now, in addition to nursing tons! Thinking maybe that is not settling???? Doctor shot that one down pretty quickly and said if it was upsetting him then he would be having diarreah. I think I am going to stop the soy and see what happens. We went soy instead of cows milk because DD2 is really allergic and don't want sippys of that around.

I am at a loss....My baby is uncomfortable, I WANT to help, and I am exhausted from having a cranky baby!

Any thought or experiences on what could be going on?

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Poor Keegan Sad Could he possibly be constipated? Lucas just recently went through a couple of days where he was super constipated with *really* hard poops. He would start crying and screaming when he was trying to poop, but often nothing would happen. He was super clingy and just generally really unhappy. I started giving him diluted prune juice and that finally helped. It took a couple of days for him to get it all out of his system and he didn't return to normal until he was done Sad

Sorry you had such a crappy experience with that Doctor. Makes you appreciate your regular Doctor even more I'm sure! I hope he feels better soon! Maybe take him off the Soy Milk for a few days and see if that helps?

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Thanks for the suggestion Tonya! He has been pooping normally though. I do think I am going to stop the soy. I am not going to replace it with anything at this point since I am still nursing a lot. I was just hoping to slowly transition him. It is so frustrating to see them this way and not know how to help them!

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Poor Keegan! I hope either whatever is wrong corrects itself or you figure out what's bothering him. I don't think it's a bad idea to stop the soy. Whenever I eat soy, I get horrible stomach aches but no other symptoms.

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I'd probably cut out the soy too. My DH is allergic to soy protein. If he unknowingly eats it he gets an itchy throat and a stomachache. Soy is one of the most common food allergies, so it's not unreasonable to think he's sensitive to it.

Maybe keep only water in his sippy, except at mealtime when you can give him cow's milk (or goat's milk?) at the table.

I hope he feels better soon.

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I'd say stomach-ache maybe? Or maybe he lightly sprained a leg or something? Definitely try cutting out the soy milk. What abou eggs, peanut butter, strawberries, wheat? Any new to him?

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The first thing I thought when I read this is EI. Huh.

The fever with no other symptoms kinda tells me it is a virus if it's no an EI. My DS#1 had an up and down fever (99-103) for 9 days once when he was 3. We had even taken him to the ER at one point b/c his ped was so worried about the long fever. He really had no other symptoms except a runny nose (but what 3 year old doesn't??)

It turned out that it was a particularly ugly little adinovirus that just needed to run its course. Poor kid was utterly miserable for close to 2 weeks - not to mention all the work I missed.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't persue seeing another doc. I think you should follow your gut on that one - I know I would. What I am saying is that it could definitely be a virus - there are some that just hang on forever and you never really know what they are.

Can you give him some motrin or tylenol? Does it seem to help when you do?

Try your best to keep him comfy over the weekend and if he's still feverish by Monday take him in to another doc. It's worthwhile to keep searching if the fever hangs on like that. Just don't go see that a-hole of a doc again. Doctors really need to work on their bedside manners - erg.

GL - I hope he's feeling better really really soon!!!

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It's so hard when you cannot tell what is wrong. The few times Jordan was fussy with no obvious cause it was EI's. But it sounds like the doc ruled that out... in the end anyway. Maybe it's a virus and even though the fever is gone he is still feeling cruddy? You could always call your Pedi's office to see if they think he needs to be seen again. I'm sorry he isn't feeling well. It's tough on them and tough on mom.

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Thanks for all the replies ladies! My gut is telling me that he had a little virus with the fever. But since the horrible crankiness has continued, is why I thought I needed to take him to the dr. Maybe it is a combo of things. I am crossing my fingers that it passes quickly or that it is the soy(that is what my gut is telling me!)

Glad it is Friday, so that DH can share in the fun Wink

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I'm sorry Tara!!! Sad I hope he feels better soon! I hate it when they get sick and can't tell us what is wrong. Sad

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I have seen a huge improvement in Keegan! I am pretty certian the soy milk was bothering him! Poor Kid! Thanks for all the suggestions!