New Video Library!!!

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New Video Library!!!

Check out the announcements! OR Look here:

I encourage you all personally to take a few moments and explore our new video library as well! We have some fun ideas on ways that you can use this new feature on our board:

?Perhaps pick a "Video of the Day" that is related to your board's topic. Post and discuss it with your members!
?Create a scavenger hunt through the library. Don't have time? Enlist the help of your members and recruit someone to take that one.
?Look ahead to stages that are coming soon to help you prepare.
?Have a topic that is being discussed on your boards? Search the library (and our other content!) and share those resources within the thread.
?Encourage your members to share their feedback! We really do want to hear from you!
?Share your ideas with your fellow hosts here on how your group is enjoying this feature. Together we can work out what are the best methods of connecting our members with our content that can be of use and interest!

If you have questions feel free to contact the admins or let me know and I'll find the answer for you!!