Oh silly DH...

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Oh silly DH...

So...DH comes home from work today having picked up some batteries on the way home which we needed for remotes. He bought 4 two-packs. He comes in, tosses them on the living room coffee table, and forgets about them.

So hours later, we're going to play Jeopardy on the Wii, and we need to replace the batteries, and he's all, "Where did you put the batteries?" I said, I didn't put them anywhere, which was true...I hadn't touched them. So then I told him, that if he just left them on the table, Beni probably picked them up and carried them off. So right as I'm saying, "You can't just leave stuff..." he breaks in with, "What, so I can't leave anything on the table anymore??? Every single thing needs to be high up out of reach???!!!"

I looked at him and was like, " WE HAVE A 15 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER----- YES!"

He really is such a great dad and does things and helps and whatever...but sometimes he is SO DENSE about what it means to have a baby around. Like, really, what, you think she's just going to *know* that she's not allowed to touch batteries, or touch something that daddy left on the table??? Hell no! As far as she (and I'm guessing MOST 15 MOS OLDS!) is concerned if it's within reach, it's fair game... and if it's not within reach, that means she can try to climb up on something to reach it!

Tell me I am not alone in this???

(By the way, I found two packs on a shelf in her play room, DH found one under the couch, and the fourth remains missing.)

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Ah the great re-allocation stage!! Yes, all kiddos this age will be interested in anything other than their toys, it's true.

I call it the re-allocation stage because it seems that they like to reallocate my resources to areas other than where they belong Smile

I regularly find toy cars, pieces of paper, cheerios, you name it in my shoes or purse or stuck in the heat register. Reallocation.

So you are right, 15 month old's will touch, grab, play with whatever you don't want them to! And no, most men aren't as aware of that as mom's are. My DH is opposite though - he's hyper aware. I tell him he's a total worry wort Smile

GL - I hope you find that other pack of batteries and I hope your DH thinks before he just leaves stuff around.

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LOL- that is hilarious. He is just a newbie. By your 2nd or 3rd kid he will totally "get it" and not say silly phrases like that anymore.

I swear.. since our kids are so close together we just lived in the constant "we have a 15 month old stage" the past 4-5 yrs. Anything of any value or that you don't want touched needs to be about 7' in the air. Wait scratch that.. with Lainey.. make that 10'. HAHAHA. Girl is ambitious!

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YES I CAN RELATE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how many of our plates and bowls and glasses Luke has smashed b/c DH eats in the living room at night and then leaves his dishes. He IS getting better about it. But we're at the point where we need to get a new set of glassware because of the amount Luke has broken.

Luke is on a constant search and destroy mission. Anything and everything is his for the taking. He is like a little pack rat. He takes whatever he can find and stashes it in random places.

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Hahahahahahaha! He's lucky she didn't try to flush them down the toilet. Just wait until she understands how step stools work. There will be no stopping her then.

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We don't really have that exact problem but sort of the reverse. My DH picks so many battles with Jordan and I tend to let things go. I figure it is because I am alone with her all day and I find I don't have the energy to keep her from touching or messing with every little thing. It's a little bit of a problem b/c I know I need to be consistent but there are times that I just tell myself it's not that big of a deal. Like how Jordan loves to pull all of her clean and freshly stuffed diapers out of the little cube. We have a dog so they get hair in them. Ew. Or how Jordan likes to push the kitchen chairs around and it is so incredibly loud on the tile. It's annoying but it's not hurting anything.

I know batteries are different though! I think men have a harder time adjusting to the new way of life. Life with children kind of turns everything upside down, doesn't it? Mostly in a good way of course.