OK...how's this for a weird thread???? (TMI and gross too!)

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OK...how's this for a weird thread???? (TMI and gross too!)

Where do you keep a plunger? Like a toilet plunger. Smile

We have crappy (ha ha, pun intended!) plumbing I guess, because we've already run into two instances of needing to use a plunger. So we bought one, and we have it. Now, I can remember growing up that a plunger might have sat tucked in behind the toilet, or under the sink in a closed cabinet.

Well, we have no cabinet, and you guessed it, when it's tucked behind the toilet, Beni wants to play with it- GROSS!

BUT, it's also very gross to carry it around the house, no?

So, I know it's a totally silly question...but how do you solve the problem of where to keep the plunger?

Actually, same can be said for toilet brushes- like that you use to clean the toilet. Beni wants to play with that too, and it's just freaking gross isn't it!?! But, where to keep it? It's nice to have the toilet brush next to the toilet so that when people (my DH) make a mess in the toilet he can clean it up himself, instead of leaving streaks!

So... how do you solve this issue in your house?

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LOL!!!! totally funny, sorry, but it is Smile

Well, we keep ours in the garage or basement where the kids can't get a hold of it.

I have seen plunger holders that like clip around the plunger part. I'm not sure if you could get one where you are but that might help.

Otherwise you'll probably have to find a place to keep it out of the way somewhere. Or you could build a little box structure to keep it in that has a lid with a hole for the handle. I don't know if either of you are handy but it wouldn't have to be anything elaborate. You might even be able to find a design online.

GL with your *crappy* (teehee) situation!!!

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Ours is behind the bathroom door so when it's open, it's out of site and when it's closed she's usually not in there. And we actually keep the door closed a lot just to keep her out of the bathroom because apparently splashing in the toilet and unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper are the most fun activities in the house!

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Sooo funny! In our bathroom there is a little space between the toilet and the bathtub so that is where we keep ours. The girls prett much leave it alone, Keegan he likes to pick it up and splash it right in the toilet. But we keep our bathroom door closed so it is not a huge issue, cause I am usually right there to take care of the problem Wink

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Eve is a total toilet brush fiend!!!!!! We have a shelf system over our toilet, and the toilet brush lives on top of it. Otherwise, Miss Girly Girl will attempt to use it as a hair brush. That's also where all my nail polishes live.

Maybe there's a place in Thailand where you could get the same kind of structure? It's also where all of our thermometers and things like that get stored. It looks like this:

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We keep ours in a closet but wrap a plastic bag around the base and tie it in a knot around the wooden handle part. Every time we use it we throw that bag away and put a new bag/knot on it. Since he can open all the doors in the house, the bag keeps the gross bits out of his grasp if he gets himself into the closet.

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Oh the garage is a good idea!!! We have this problem as well. Our house has a serious lack of closets. Our solution is to keep Luke locked out of the bathroom at all times. He only goes in there when its time for a bath. He loves the toilet brush too! Luke + Bathroom =DISASTER!!!!!

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Ours sits in a little bucket in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. The toilet bowl brush is there too.

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We keep ours behind the toilet but keep the bathroom doors closed. We also have the kind that has the keeper on top.

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"JorgieGirl" wrote:

We keep ours behind the toilet but keep the bathroom doors closed. We also have the kind that has the keeper on top.

We have the same one! Thankfully, Jordan has left it alone.

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"Kayla1981" wrote:

We have the same one! Thankfully, Jordan has left it alone.


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Ours is tucked behind the toilet.. reason # 76 or so Lainey is rarely allowed in the bathroom! The thought of her touching it grosses me out. :puke2: