OT: vacuum cleaners

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OT: vacuum cleaners

What kind of vacuums do you guys have? I used dirt devils for a while but those were a pain because the belt broke all the time. It seemed like I was taking the dumb thing apart once a month because the belt burned through. Last year we splurged and bought an LG thinking that if we invested lots of money that would mean a quality vacuum. Well I think we have spent more hours repairing if than actually vacuuming. Fo for the last month I have been vacuuming our house with the 4 inch wand!

Today Luke dumped powder detergent all over the floor. WE NEED A VACUUM!!

I have been reading reviews online for everything from Hoover to dyson, but its so hard. No mater what one I click on they all have a bunch of reviews that say 'great!' And just as many that say the opposite. I'm so frustrated! We need a vacuum!

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I have a Dyson & it is OK, not worth the $$. My neighbor was moving last year and gave me theirs, it was a brand new Eureka Boss Smartvac - I love it, no problems with it & it cleans really well. I use it a lot more than the Dyson.
I can't imagine using a wand with a toddler - Santa needs to bring you a vacuum!

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We have a Bissell. It's not bad, been pretty happy with it - it was really great at first but now it's 6-7 years old and it still does the job but kicks back dirt on bare floors...

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We have a lightweight bagless made by Eureka. I think it's an old model Optima that works well for us. This is a link to a newer model on Amazon

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We have a rainbow. Theyre expensive, but fabulous. We bought ours used off ebay.

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I think were getting a Eureka! I have never been so excited to clean haha. Hopefully we can get one this weekend

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We have a eurika too. I got it because we have a high pile rug on our hardwood floors in the den and it has a "gentle/hard floor" selection which works well for that purpose.

If you have any high pile carpet be careful that your vac can accomodate. If it doesn't have a brushless or semi-brushless setting you'll frey and ruin your high pile carpet.

GL - I hope you get a great one!!

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We've got a Dyson and love it. I'm constantly amazed at how well it picks up and it really doesn't lose suction. It literally sucked up one of Fiona's tshirts I didn't realize was under the couch the other day. A whole tshirt. lol.

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Thanks for all your help! We got a Eureka Airspeed and so far so good!