(OT) What are your thoughts (anyone)...

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(OT) What are your thoughts (anyone)...

...on kids getting all high tech savvy? For example, my BFF just gave her 6 year old for her birthday and ipad2. I know I couldn't get that for my kids as I just know they would ruin it (I mean let alone an itouch...or anything iwhatever!) My kids will also probably be in their teens (or older) when they can own their own laptop etc...or possibly when they can afford it themselves!

So those with older children, what age do you think they should have the latest gadgets? My kids will be older again if they want their own mobile phone. My DD#1 has a Nintendo DS and I see how she treats that at times and there's no way she is going to get anything else! Am I harsh?

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I would go on a child-by-child basis. As it stands right now, I'd be nuts to give my 5-year-old anything worth more than $25 because he has a propensity to take stuff apart and throw it everywhere. I don't think he'd be any better at 6 years of age either. It all has to do with maturity. I'm sure there are some 8-year-olds who can be trusted with expensive technology, but I don't know about anyone any younger. I also don't see why anyone younger than that would need an iPad or smart phone.

As it stands, I don't own a smartphone or any kind of expensive small devices because I'm bad about dropping things (also, we don't want to pay for any data plan). If I had an iPad or an iPhone or something like that, I *might* let the kids play games on it, but I wouldn't buy one for them.

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We are taking it really slow w technology and our kids - which can feel weird at times as most of my friends are very tech forward w their kids ( like, computer in bedroom of 5 year old lots of leapfrog/gaming/iPad/iPhone literate kids in preschool) we are very anti video game and will remain that way - if we do allow them some day it will be on an extremely limited basis. they will get phones at some point - not sure when, but will not have text capabilities for a good long while. For us it's less about cost or fear of damage and more about our desire to free them from endless distraction and mindless anti social anti athletic type endeavors. Dh and I both have iPhones, the kids can't play w them. I try not to use mine a lot In front of the kids and save it for times like this when they are all sleeping. Then again, we are also super anti tv under age 2 or older, and our older kids only watch very limited tv. It's working for us and they don't se deprived or behind for lack of knowing who sponge bob is :). I feel like technology is going to be a huge issue for our generation of parents and kids so to us it was important to have goals and limits in place from the get go.

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I may be alone in this but I think it's crazy that all of the kids in our neighborhood have iPhones. I am not just talking about high school and junior high kids but GRADE SCHOOL children!! I am 30 years old and I *just* got an iPhone. I just had a basic phone up until now. I also didn't have a television in my room until I was like 16 or 17?

I really want Jordan to appreciate her things. I don't expect that we will buy her any expensive gadgets at a young age.

I also think there is an element of keeping them safe too. I will not allow Jordan to have a computer in her room or any other device that accesses the internet. I know of too many cases of kids getting into trouble that way. I think as long as she is under my roof and a minor then she will have to share a computer with the rest of us in a family area. I may allow a TV at some point but that will not be for a VERY long time to come.

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I'm old fashioned here! I don't think my kids need tv's or laptops in their rooms... EVER.

the only reason I would ever give a cell phone to a child would be for safety purposes. I can understand getting kids those phone that can call home, 9-1-1, and a couple other programmable numbers. I think once they're old enough to drive I would definitely allow a "real" cellphone.

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I am the opposite here... I don't see too much wrong with the advances in technology as long as they are monitored... that being said I don't think computers and expensive gadgets are for little kids. I think technology has its source in the world and I think so many of us fear it beucase it is new and not what we were used to growing up but times have changed and in some ways if a kid is not kept up on technology they may also be at a disadvantage. Now the use of cell phones and texting in school etc is ridiculous.. but i can also say it is a lot of parents that are texting their kids and calling them during the day. I guess I just am different since I had a tv in my room at a young age, I had a computer (nothing like the ones we have now) in high school in my room and a phone in my room. Cell phones were not around haha so sad but I played 3 sports and softball all year round, I was a straight A student and involved in so many clubs etc...

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I want our kids to be old enough to appreciate things.. and take care of them. We will probably get a kids-only laptop for the older girls when they are between 6-8 yrs old to share. We will control what they have access too and will be mainly for educational games. they WILL NOT have iphones and ipads and stuff. Thats ridiculous. Im 31 and just got an iphone. Biggrin