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Popped into the Picture People today and we had Daisy's photo's taken for the first time (poor 3rd child!)

We got some cute ones but honestly, I'm not feeling guilty for taking my own pictures before now. They are not THAT much better - I just can't do it by myself now that she's so active.

Here are the few we purchased:

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very adorable Smile I know what you mean about the third child, Aaron had some done at 6 months and that's it! I also have none actually put up aorund the house of him yet, there's space for him to go in but I need to print them out first.

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She's adorable! You're right, though. You do a great job at picture-taking Biggrin

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She's so stinkin' cute!!! Those are awesome - thanks for sharing!

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Aww! So cute!