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Hey everyone! I've been around, just kinda lurking mostly lately. Fiona's doing great, running around, gabbing and growing. She has zero fear, which is hilarious to us since she's such a tiny peanut still. Around 18lbs, just barely outgrowing some of her sz 2 shoes. lol. But the girl can't be stopped.

Anyhoo...wondering if anyone has introduced a pillow yet to their LO's? What age should we be doing that? My DD1 was and is a bedsharer so she wound up stealing my pillow around 2 years old. I'm not sure when it comes to a crib baby though, which Fi is.


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Luke has a pillow!! He has had it for a few months now. He had a bad cold and was sooo congested, being propped up helped him, and he's had it ever since. He sleeps on it every night. He used to migrate all over the crib, but now he stays at the top with his pillow. its pretty cute Smile

Its a very flat pillow. It is full sized, but its not a fluffy bulky one. He loves it! He pulls pillows off the couch and lays on those when he's tired Smile

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Daisy has a mini travel pillow that her grandma made covers for at Christmas time. I put it in her crib just a couple weeks ago and she though it was pretty cool. She doesn't always use it but i'm not worried about it being there at this point.

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Jordan I don't think that we did pillows in the crib at all with the others, Jake does not have one. Is that mean? I've never thought about this before! I think maybe I worried that they would use them to make climbing out easier?

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Well my kids usually got a pillow when they eventually migrated to a bed at age 2 but before that they never had a pillow and Aaron still doesn't, he doesn't sleep in one place long enough, he's all over the cot and I really don't think a pillow would help him as he likes to change crib ends Smile

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For some reason, it just doesn't strike me as necessary...don't know why. Maybe because it just seems like they are so perfectly aligned and whatnot... I think I'd probably leave it til my kis was in their own bed. Then I would just make it part of the new big kid bed.

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No pillow yet. Mason's such a crazy sleeper I don't think he'd sleep on it anyway!!!

I gave my other two pillows probably around 18-24 months and I think we started it due to a cold or something so I gave it to them to help keep their heads elevated. Then I just never took it out because they looked so comfy Smile

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I don't really remember how old Noah was. He moved to a big bed at 3, and I know he had a pillow pet monkey that he uses. I'm pretty sure he had it in his crib before that, but I honestly can't remember when we gave it to him. He went a while without one, and didn't seem to mind.

Lucas doesn't have one yet, mostly because I hadn't really thought of it. Now you've got me thinking though. I do have a small pillow pet that he could use. He'd probably love it!

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Alexa doesn't have a pillow yet. My son, Justin got one at about 20-months old when he moved into a twin bed. At first he slept around it (must not have realized what it was for!). We got him a firm pillow.