Qotd 10/10/2011

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Qotd 10/10/2011

Thought we'd switch it up a little and do a QOTD since we haven't done one for a long time.

What is your favorite piece of cothing? Why?

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For me it's my sweat pants. I love them. If it weren't so creepy I'd wear them all the time!!! So soft and comfy no matter what time of the month it is - love them.

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My Yoga pants. SOOO comfy!

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My old pregnancy pants. The material is worn really thin, so they are extremely soft. They are supposed to be worn high on the waist, but I roll them down to my hips, so you can't tell they're for preggies.

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My new jeans! They are the first pair I've ever owned that fit me like a glove. I could wear them every day and I feel good in them too. Smile Best of all, I got them on sale at Banana Republic for $30!!

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Yoga pants for me too, love em!

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I just got some tall black uggs that are going to be a staple for winter. I want to curl up inside them and take a nap.

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For fall it will be sweater dresses! I Looove sweaters, and even maternity pants are driving me nuts right now, so sweater dresses are perfect for me!

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sweats... I love changing in them when I get home and feeling so comfy!

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Definitely my sweat pants (or tracky dacks as I like to call them! lol)...cannot beat comfort!!