QOTD: Birthdays!

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QOTD: Birthdays!

Since we haven't had a QOTD in a little while, I thought I'd ask...

What are your plans for your Moonbeam's 2nd birthday? They're coming up soon Biggrin

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We're just going to have a small party again. Mostly family, a few in town friends, and my two BFFs and their families from out of town (the same ones that were at the house the weekend Beni was born!). Really, it'll just be cake and ice cream and kids running around crazy. I'm hosting it at my mom's on the lake, so who knows- if the ridiculous (summer-like) weather holds up we might take it outside. But it'll be low key in any case.

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We will celebrate at the beach as his birthday is the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend......Kick off the summer with a little family party Smile I can't wait to see him on the beach this summer.

Sorry for dropping the ball on QOTD lately, the amazing weather that we have been having in the NE is keeping us busy! Smile Thanks, Suzanne.

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After I said no more parties last year (we planned a big fete and only 1/3 of the people showed), I ended up booking a little gym in my old neighborhood. We were going to do it in the house but my house is a wreck and I rather spend a little more and not have to stress about painting walls or cleaning carpets. We'll be able to invite 15 kiddos to play in the gym for 1.5 horus and then eat in a separate room. I'm actually kind of excited about it! It will be both girls' birthday together so most of the kids we're inviting are in the 3-5 year old range. But there will be about 3 other 2 year olds for Leyla to play with. Though I have a feeling she will just be her wild self and will be jumping all over the place haha!

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We are doign a pool party at the pool where I teach. It is really inexpensive and the best way to allow her to have fun while not spending a fortune. We can have up to 50 people in the pool but I do not think we will go near that number but it is nice that people can bring siblings etc and it won't add ot my cost. I am going to do cake pops and pizza to take with people as well as goodie bags for the kiddos. Then the adults that are family or friends are coming back to the hosue and I will have food there for them as well as beverages which i may need by that point!

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Sounds like nice plans for everyone!

We're probably doing a just-family affair for Eve. I'm making Hello Kitty cake pops for her, and we'll either go over to my family's house or they'll come here. Our big party this year is for Sean on a farm. Last year was Eve's pool party/luau, and next year, we'll have a big bash for Luke.

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Family party here. A princess party, of course! Making crowns (siblings and cousins, ages 12,8,6,4,4,2) and prob BBQ and cake. Going to try to do a simple castle cake and got a bunch of generic princess decoration/supplies at the dollar tree.

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Julie, I love Dollar Tree! They are the best place for party things Smile

So, we ended up having to postpone Sean's party due to really terrible weather, so now it's been moved so late that it's an Eve and Sean party. I wonder how I can mingle Hello Kitty and Angry Birds Lol

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We finally pegged a date for celebrating with family and we had to go with late April so, thankfully, I still have time to plan. I'm not going over the top this year. We have a lot going on with trying to move and me being pregnant so I think it will be a simple family party. I want to make it special for Jordan but I also know she probably doesn't care about a lot of the details that I put into her first birthday party. I'll make it up to her on her 3rd birthday. Wink There will definitely be cake so I'm sure she will have a good time.

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We're going to be visiting family the weekend before Nico's birthday so we will have a family party while we are there. His actual birthday is on a Tuesday so DH & DD will take half days & we'll go over to the aquarium.

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We had Jake's birthday this past Sunday (which happened to fall on his actual Birthday). We just had family and friends over to the house, but that ended up being almost 20 people! I didn't do anything elaborate--we had a Thomas the Train theme with a Thomas cake, Thomas decorations, balloons, etc. Also had a TON of food, and thankfully most of it was eaten! Jake got lots of loot and both boys had a great time. It was more a social party than anything. I like to wait until the 3rd birthday before planning something out of the house--so we'll see what we do next year! Smile