QOTD: Coffee

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QOTD: Coffee

Do you drink it? How do you take it? How much do you drink a day?

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I do very much enjoy coffee. I definitely like it white on white... creamer, or half and half, and a couple spoonfuls of sugar- yes please. But I brew VERY strong coffee, and then dress it up that way. I can't stand when I ask for milk/cream in my coffee and someone pours like 1 tsp of skim milk into it... ew. What is even the POINT? Anyway... I can't get coffee creamer/half and half here, so I just use 2% milk, but I put in quite a bit (when I was counting calories before getting pregnant I was using 3 tbsp milk), and then yeah, 2 tsps sugar. I don't drink it every day. When I first got pregnant this time I was drinking 2 cups of decaf every day, then I went off it, then I started drinking it again and did 1-2 cups a day. Now I'm of it again- it's been a few weeks since I had any. I like that I don't NEED it, but I can really enjoy it when I have it. Smile

I will say, I hate the way my pee stinks when I drink coffee. Anyone else ever notice that? Or maybe I just have a very sensitive nose...

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nope, don't like it

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Oh I love my coffee. I gave it up while I was pregnant and the first year of nursing, but I'm back to one (large) cup each morning. I occasionally have a second cup on work-days if I'm super tired, but that's pretty rare.

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A coffee newbie. Only French Vanilla but I recently graduated from french vanilla coffee with french vanilla creamer to regular coffee and french vanilla creamer Wink

I usually have 1 cup a day. Didn't have any over vacation and I didn't miss it much.

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I love coffee. I think that I gave it up for the first trimester of my first pregnancy but then didn't bother after that. I drink it daily, two mugs. Black. And strong Smile

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I'm not a big coffee fan. I've always thought it was very bitter. I will buy an iced caramel swirl coffee with extra cream and sugar in the summer from DD. Although, it's hardly coffee at that point. I tried the hot version of that coffee once and it give me the jitters and light headedness really bad. I love the way it smells though!!

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I had to quit when my stomach issues got worse. Sad The withdrawals were awful!!! I do miss it some times, and will have a mug here and there. I take it double, double.

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I'm more of a tea drinker, will have at least 3 cups but at work I have my vanilla latte or if the coffee pot is on I will pour a cup...I have quite a bit of milk and 1 sugar. I recently bought these coffee bags (like tea bags) and it gives a very nice brew! Expensive stuff though, nearly $5 for 8 coffee bags!

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Nope, not a coffee drinker. I don't even like the smell.

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I love ice coffee and only iced lol... I drink it with skim milk and 3 splenda. I am trying to get off drinking it because I find when I drink it I drink so much less water and with trying to count calories and be healthier I need to get more water in the system.

Mara totally know the smell.. me and DH say it is an FPAC... first pee after coffee lol...

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Yup. 1 cup in the morning and that's usually it. Sometimes, if I'm have a total drag of a day I'll indulge in an afternoon cup but that's like once a week at most.

I like 1/2 a packet of splenda and some skinny caramel macchiado creamer. Yummy.

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LOVE coffee. I never gave it up for pregnancy, just cut it down to one cup a day. Now I drink 2, sometimes 3 cups each day. I drink it with milk only, no sugar.

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The last time I regularly drank coffee was when I worked as a lab assistant back in 2001. Our lab was frozen, and the only thing that could warm me up was a good cup of coffee. I used to drink it with enough milk/creamer to turn it practically white. And I'm very familiar with the pee smell too, Mara. Also the way someone's breath smells after they drink it.

My hot drink of choice right now is tea with a little bit of sugar added, and I normally have a large mug of it in the mornings with breakfast.

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Love my coffee!

I grew up with really strong espresso, usually black. But now a days I like it with a lot of cream and sugar, kinda like Mara's.

When I went into the office to work I'd have a cup at breakfast, but now that I work from home I have it between 2 and 3, when I tend to get bored/sleepy. Usually just that one cup, but sometimes my Mom brews after dinner and I may have a second cup.

Every once in a while I treat myself to a fancy Starbucks coffee. I like raspberry white mochas. Otherwise just a sweet latte (with whipped cream) is nice.