QOTD: Dinner

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QOTD: Dinner

As I find myself totally disinterested in cooking lately with the nice weather I'm looking for some inspiration! What are some of your favorite or regular things that you like to make for your family for dinner? Bonus points for seasonal spring ideas :).

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Great question! We've been in a rut too.

We've been liking grilled chicken lately. We haven't pulled out our grill; we just use the grill plate on our 5-in-1 Griddler (it makes waffles, has a griddle plate and a grill plate). We usually have it with steamed green beans and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes.

Also, we like salads. We've been eating our weight in Romaine lettuce recently.

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We tend to grill a lot or I used my crock pot no matter what the season is. But with meats that we use my BIL who is a top chef in a fancy restaurant and he lives and dies by the montreal seasoning and Mrs Dash's. I throw a bunch of veggies in a veggie pan I got for the grill and after spraying them with cooking spray I add the seasoning and it is delish!

Have you tried a beer can chicken on the grill. OMG I love it.

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We have been grilling like crazy here too ~ I'm currently addicted to portabello mushrooms on the grill. With DH gone so much its easy for me to get lazy and I'm trying to fight it ~ soup has been a big thing lately with all of the spring greens coming into season, and we have been making a lot of smoothies which I will serve with some grilled chicken or even something easy like black bean quesadillas. When he is home I tend to make bigger meals, we do a lot of fish, pork tenderloin and pastas or stir fries. The hard thing is that post nap is the hardest time for me to want to be inside cooking ~ Its GORGEOUS out! I've been trying to cook more at nap time, and that is helping a little...........I think that more fresh local produce coming in will get me back in my groove. At least, I hope Wink

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I love grilled veggies, esp portabello mushrooms, yum! The weather hasn't been good enought yet to grill up here, but I cant wait until it is.
We have been eating gluten free all month (DDs Dr wanted to see if it would reduce inflammation in her stomach) so it forced me out of my rut & we havefound quite a few things we really have liked. I made a huge batch of Spanish rice using brown rice, and added chicken black beans we had it a few times wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa & avacado then the next week (I froze some of it) I stuffed it into bell peppers & it was good both ways. Another thing we found that was super easy to make was Pad Thai, it is super fast & the homemade version is nice & light.

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Ooooooooh! Stuffed bell peppers! I haven't had any in a long time. Love it Biggrin I hope the gluten-free diet helps your DD, Joei.

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I love the internet for finding recipes. Pinterest has made it so easy to keep track of the good finds.

Some of my new favorites are cuban pork tacos, garlic and lime chicken and mini turkey meatloafs. One of my favorite meals is grilled salmon. YUM.



http://www.cookingforengineers.com/recipe/10/Grilled-Salmon (The BEST salmon. Ever.)

For sides, I like roasted potatoes, baked tomatoes and broccoli.



http://thetypeahousewife.com/2012/02/what-i-ate-this-week-a-super-easy-roasted-broccoli-recipe.html (I usually steam broccoli but I need to mix it up a little so I'm going to try this soon.)

Here is one I found yesterday that I want to try.

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We do whole-foods, plant-based meals, so I don't cook with meat. Tuesday I made a simple (but super healthy and filling!) vegetable stir-fry. It was asparagus, broccoli, red pepper, chickpeas, mushrooms and water chestnuts, stir-fried with water, garlic, and we add liquid aminos (soy sauce) at the end. Served over rice. YUM. Quick, easy, healthy!

Last night was a spinach and lentil dal recipe that I love.

We also love anything with lentils, black bean burgers (have to see if I can find the link, that's an online recipe I found), veggie burritos/quesadillas, and giant salads.

Found it!

OH and one of our favorites is my homemade chipotle rice bowl! Here's the link:

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