QOTD: Easter

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QOTD: Easter

Do you celebrate Easter? How? Are you hosting or going somewhere? Do you give your kids easter baskets/egg hunts etc?

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We usually spend that weekend at my parents house. Bunny, eggs, church and sometimes a larger family meal but not every year...

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Yes. We go to my dad's for a brunch usually. They get the kids baskets and we get them baskets. I try to do not a ton of candy and get them several little gifts. It's fun.

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We do an egg hunt, but that's it. We aren't religious, so we don't follow that aspect.

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When we were closer to family we would have a big lunch and egg hunt together. Since we are so far away now it will be just us but we will still have a traditional lunch & do baskets and a small egg hunt for Nics. I stay away from candy too, the kids usually get a swimsuit & a few other small things in their baskets.

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Not in a traditional sense because we are not Christian. My family (of origin) has always celebrated the equinox- and we'll probably do some of the same with Beni. Not really sure yet though. I know last year we didn't do anything because it was Beni's actual birthday and my DH's last day in town before going back to Africa. This year I'll be in the States with my parents, so who knows.

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Yep well Easter Sunday is DD#2's 6th birthday so we're hosting Easter lunch here this year. The kids do an easter egg hunt, they have a basket each and we try to get to church too (though may go to night mass before). DD#2 loves the fact her birthday falls on Easter this year, rubs it in to her sister saying "I get presents AND the Easter bunny comes!" lol

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We aren't traditionally religious, but celebrate all the rest of easter Smile The kids have an egg hunt or two planned, and we will do one at our house on Easter day as we will have about 9 cousins here. We are hosting for the first time and it will be a big crowd so I'm a little nervous! They do get easter baskets, but we give them each a bathing suit, a new towel with their name on it, bubbles chalk and other summertime goodies instead of candy. The easter bunny itself scares me, so we don't do photos with it.

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Yes, we celebrate Easter. It's an important holiday to us. We do baskets for the kids (I try to get spring type stuff, like bathing suits, bubbles, etc with some candy) and then after church we have a cookout and egg hunts. We hide them for the kids and then they hide them for the adults (it's just my parents, bro and his girlfriend). It's a really fun day Smile

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We do mass and usually have a get-together with the family. My parents get the kids small baskets with little treats inside.

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We are also not religious, but celebrate Easter by having a big lunch or dinner and an Easter Egg hunt! The kids get baskets, and we fill ours with outdoor spring toys as well instead of candy. I like the bathing suit idea! Not sure what we'll be doing this year, depends on what happens with the baby!

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Prior to realizing it was Easter I booked a trip to great wolf lodge. Usually we have a family meal and Belle is just now old enough to look for eggs so if they don't do one at GWL we will at home. Baskets will be waiting when we get home too

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We have no clue what is happening for Easter again as usual. My MIL is still trying to get over the fact that as everyone is getting older andh aving their own things there is no time or want for a big family get together and so we are waiting to hear from her family what they want to do. We will do easter egg hunt (hopefully outside depending on the weather) and then who knows. We do baskets and like everything else I over do it but it is just something I enjoy haha. We have the cutest dress that a friend gave me that her daughter could never wear because she was too big by the time someone gave it and I am so excited