QOTD: Easter

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QOTD: Easter

Do you "do" the Easter Bunny with your kids? Do you give them Easter baskets on Easter morning? What do you put in them?

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Yes, we do. We do baskets and hide plastic eggs with jellybeans. Baskets consist of small toys, books, candy. We keep it simple and inexpensive. I got a few small things on clearance after christmas: Kachooz, lego figurine and Bezu (?) Daisy's will have a coloring book, kitty book, maybe sidewalk chalk...

Just read on another board someone spent $300 on their 2 boys including movies and bikes. Wow!

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We do, the kids each get a tiny bit of candy & usually a shirt or outfit for spring. This year they are each getting a swimsuit for an upcoming vacation. I hide the baskets & chocolate eggs all over the house or yard depending onthe weather.

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We also do baskets for the boys, and try and keep it simple and inexpensive. The baskets usually have a little bit of candy, some of the eggs we colored and decorated, and a few small toys/books (same thing--sidewalk chalk, a stuffed animal, bubbles, etc). I hide the entire basket and some eggs. Smile

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Last year Easter was on Beni's birthday- we had her party on the Saturday and then the Sunday was the last day we were together as a family before my DH went back to Africa, so we did NOTHING for Easter. My parents have already mentioned coloring eggs (in the traditional Latvian way with onion skins)... But I'm not sure if we'll do the bunny. Since beni doesn't eat candy it doesn't really make sense to give her a basket full of it... So really I have no idea. We always got baskets which the Easter bunny hid when we were little... So I guess it would be fun to do that with Beni.

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We do. Last year I ordered them really cute buckets with their names on them, we will continue to use them each year. We fill them with spring/summer stuff, I got matching bathing suits for the boys and a new suit for my daughter ~ sunglasses, goggles, bubbles, chalk, and a new towel with their name on it for the pool. We don't give candy, only because between yesterdays egg hunt and todays they will have plenty of that! Smile We don't hide the baskets, they are sitting on the kitchen table when the kids all come downstairs together.

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My family gets the kids some small baskets filled with little treats. We go to mass in the morning, and this year, we're going over to my family's house for a visit (last year, they came to our house since it was Eve's birthday).

We have never done egg hunts. Well, the kids do hunts at the daycare and school, so they have their hunts there Smile If they didn't have hunts at school, I'd probably let them do the egg hunt they have at our church.

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We do baskets and I probably go more overboard than most but still not bad. We have a little candy (really only m&ms since that is her favorite) and then some small toy stuff etc. Like I got her the leaf blower bubble thing, a ranbow chalk rake, a chunky puzzle with numbers, some markers and sponge paint thingys... I have never thought of hiding it because we didn't do that growing up but that is a good idea. We colored eggs last Friday and we will do an egg hunt at my MIL's for her to find the plastic eggs. She has a cute dress with an easter hat and shoes and a pocket book to wear too Smile