QOTD: Proposal

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QOTD: Proposal

How did your DH propose to you? Did you have input into the ring or did he totally pick on his own? Were you surprised or did you know it was coming?

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Basically, we were playing, then he left for a while, came back, said he was going to clear the scores (to start the current game over again), I told him not to, he walked away saying he was going to, then he called my name, said it was my turn, I said, "What?!? I thought I told you not to... Who the hell is Marry?" Then I realized, and fell into him. And of course, said yes. Smile Oh, and about 20 of our colleagues saw the whole thing happen. Smile

(I copied that from the FB caption for this photo.)

I chose the ring. I sent him a link at some point fairly long before he proposed just saying that if he was ever wondering, I really liked this ring...

I knew it was coming in a larger sense, but not the moment it actually happened. He did end up catching me off guard. But I knew he had talked to my dad, and that it was coming sometime soon.

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That's awesome Mara Smile

Well mine was not romantic at all! I had found out I was pregnant and I had my scan and I told him no matter what I was keeping the baby. We were just sitting in my room in each others arms watching TV and then he says "Let's get married"...unfortunately it had some 'conditions' attached to it and things sort of went pear shaped and it should have sounded alarm bells to me but I was young and my baby needed their father (that's a whole different story...)

We went together to get my ring, we both gravitated to the same one Smile

So yeah in a way it was a surprise because of being pregnant but I really thought he'd not want to support me...*sigh*...and that's another story...lol

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Thats cute Mara.

He proposed to me down at our family home at the beach. My whole family was to be down there that weekend, but he and I and my sister went down a night ahead. We decided to go for a walk in the moonlight up on the beach ~ got about 20 feet from the house and he proposed to me. He was so nervous he said "can I be your wife" at first, LOL Smile Turns out he planned it for that weekend so that we could all go out to dinner/celebrate as a family etc. He had already talked to my Dad and I didn't know it. I knew it was coming, just didn't know when. I had input into the ring, we had chosen the designer, and I gave him an idea of what I liked but the rest was up to him. The funny thing is that he bought the diamond from one source and had bought the setting while on a business trip, and the setting wasn't in yet, so he had the person that he bought the diamond from set it as a simple solitaire, he was too excited and couldn't wait for the actual setting to be ready. About 2 weeks after I got engaged the diamond went into its real setting, which I love. Never take it off.

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He had planned to take me to a place called Peaks of Otter for my birthday. It's a resort (very simple one with no phone or tv) on a lake right in the middle of the Blue Ridge parkway. We had been once before and I loved it. So beautiful and peaceful. Right after we got there, we went on a hike. About an hour and a half in I was exhausted and hot (it was August). I said I was ready to head back. He asked if I was sure I didn't want to finish and go to the lookout at the top of the trail. I said no, I was too tired. So, we headed back and got ready for dinner. After dinner, we came back to the room and he was sitting on the bed and I went over and hugged him. He said "I love you" and I said "how much?" This was a little fun thing we did all the time and the one would try to come up with something cute and original like more than all the drops of water in the lake. Corny but sweet. Well this time he said "I love you enough to do this" Then he got down on one knee, opened the ring box and asked me to marry him Smile I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling. I knew it was coming soon but didn't know it would be that night. And poor guy, apparently he had planned on proposing at the top of the lookout but I messed that up! I was just happy to be engaged Smile As for the ring, he picked it out although I had told him I just wanted a solitaire.

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Love these stories ladies! It's very cute how nervous guys get. I mean, I can understand it, of course- it's a big deal what they're doing! But it's very cute. Smile Joel was very nervous too, and didn't think about it, and had a bowling ball in one hand and the ring in the box in the other, so when I said yes, both his hands were full, and he couldn't actually give me the ring. Smile

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I love proposal stories.

Mine was romantic but really low key. Greg took me to the beach and blindfolded me. He set up about 50 candles around our blanket (it was night time) then took off my blindfold. He was kneeling and asked me to marry him. I said yes and we immediately blew out all the candles and took off to tell everyone the happy news. Smile

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My story is nto really romantic but it was fitting. I was working on my degree and teaching and swamped with work and told him I needed to go right home and sit at the computer for hours that night just to catch up. When I got home there was a purple bunny in my computer chair and in its lap was the ring. He knew the type that I wanted but he picked it out and I had some suspicions it was coming but not when exactly.

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Not quite as romantic as some of you. We had already bought our house together and I would have been content for things to stay the way they were. But our first Christmas in the house he hid the ring on our tree. It took him all night to convince me to look at the tree - he practically had to shove me into it! But then, in the middle of the Christmas mess left behind by the kids, I found the ring, he got down and said something to the effect of, "I know it's not typical, I know it's not what most women dream of, but this is our house, our mess, our lives. I wouldn't want to experience anything else - especially without you. Will you marry me?"

I started laughing, then cried, that was that. Weird. But so is my entire life!!!

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Well I knew it was coming as we kind of started planning a date and looking at locations before the actual proposal, but we had been planning on getting married as soon as I graduated college for years so we both felt "unofficially" engaged for a long time. But, that didn't make it any less romantic to me. I went to his house and he got down on one knee with the ring--he said a lot of beautiful things about our love and our relationship. The most wonderful thing I can remember is that he said he never really understood engagement rings until he had mine in his hand. That it was so perfect and beautiful, he couldn't think of anything more perfect to represent me and the love we had; etc etc. It was all very mushy, but very sincere. We both cried. Smile Then we went out to dinner at our favorite fancy restaurant to celebrate.