QUOTD: Motherhood

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QUOTD: Motherhood

What has surprised you most about Motherhood, so far. Name one pleasant surprise and one negative (or, difficult I guess I should say) surprise.

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I was so surprised about how easy newborns are. Society acts like your life is about to end, and newborns are a piece of cake.

I have been negatively surprised or shocked about education. We always assumed that we would put our kids in public schools ~ now we are seeing more and more that is turning us off to this notion. We want our kids to have a sense of community and service that simply isn't found in (our) public schools. The decision about what to do is really confusing and difficult for us.

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Positive surprise is how surprised I am every day at all the new things that she learns and does and how fast it all happens. negatively is how hard it is to make enough time for everything that I would like in life with work and stuff. It is really hard to get things donw aroudn the hosue while still finding time to play on top of a full time job and coaching.

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I was also very positively surprised at how portable newborns are and how easily they just fit in with everything.

I'm negatively surprised at how much like my dad I turned out to be (and didn't want to). I keep working on it though. Being conscious of the things that make you who you don't want to be is the first step of changing yourself into who you want to be.

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Positively surprised by how much love you can have for each child--I worried I would never love someone else as much as I loved Luke. Not only that, but how differently I love them because they themselves are SO DIFFERENT from each other. I love watching how distinct their personalities are.

Negatively surprised--for me it was having an extremely high-needs, reflux, colicky baby with Luke. Those first six months were brutal.

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Pleasant surprise - I never realized how much fun it was to watch YOUR child learn. I've seen other people's kids doing new things but I get so excited watching Jordan show me all of the things she has learned.

Negative surprise - How tough sleep deprivation can be. I literally felt like I was going crazy for 6 months.

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My pleasant surprise...being amazed how each of my children are so different on some things and the same with other things (personality, likes, development, learning etc)...it's cool to see them grow up!

Negative...how physically and mentally exhausting it is to be a mother!