Sad news

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Sad news

My mom called yesterday and told me my Grandma passed away. We knew it was coming but it's still hard. The saddest part was that the boys had drawn some pictures for her over the weekend and I went to the post office Monday and over nighted them. Unfortunately, they didn't make it Sad I believe that God let her see them though. My mom was going to take them to the funeral home to put in her casket. She ADORED my boys so that seems fitting. I'm struggling with guilt over not getting down to FL to see her before she passed. We were actually just talking over the weekend about how we could work it so that I could just fly down with Keaton but it's so hard with the boys' school and sports and DH's work. He works 12 and 24 hour shifts an hour away so it would be really hard to find someone to help with the kids. DH was able to swap some shifts so we can go down for the funeral though. I feel bad for the boys because they will miss their football games (the last one for Landon) but they're okay with it. They are looking forward to seeing our family, including my grandpa. He and my grandma were married 67 years so it will be hard to see him without her Sad On top of everything, I'm supposed to O on Sat so don't know if this will be my month or not. Part of me wants to conceive even more because coming home from the funeral trip with a new life just seems like such a great tribute to my grandma. A way to find some happiness is a sad time.

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Oh Belinda, so sorry to hear this. Glad you can make it to the funeral though. And I have to say I agree, no better way to celebrate life than to start a new one!! Good luck!

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I'm so sorry.
One year ago today I lost my grandfather after a long illness. I remember that phone call and even with expecting it, it's so hard. I'm glad you'll be able to get there for the funeral. I found that once the family was together it felt so much better. Sharing memories and enjoying each other will help you get through this time.

Thinking of you!

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I'm so sorry Belinda. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mara is right - maybe this is a really wonderful and special time to create a new member for your family to love.

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Thinking of you & your family, travel safe.

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Sad I'm so very sorry, Belinda. I love the idea of putting your kids' drawings in her casket and hope that peace washes over your family as you say goodbye.

It would be a very lovely tribute to conceive now, if you are at all up for it.

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I'm so sorry, Belinda. Thoughts are with you and your family.

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I'm so sorry Belinda. Thoughts and prayers for your family. HUGS.

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I'm so sorry to hear this sad news Belinda ((HUGS)) Sending many prayers and warm thoughts your way, take care!

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Thank you so much ladies. The last few days have been hard but it really does help to be with all my family. DH and I got some alone time Thursday and my opk was a blaring positive on Friday so we'll see what happens. I just feels right to go back home with a new life. I can just picture my Grandma smiling down. My aunt is taking the boys bowling today so we are just going to try and rest up before the 10 hour drive back home tomorrow.

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Belinda, I'm so glad you've found comfort in being with your family. Thinking good thoughts for you guys driving home a family of 8! Smile

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Thanks Mara Smile

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I'm so sorry for your loss. The letters from your boys being with your Grandma is a very sweet touch. I agree that a new life could help give people something to celebrate. Hugs to your family!