Some Mason pics

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Some Mason pics

By request (thanks Carolyn) here are a few more recent pics of Mason:

On his Birthday (5/21) in our front yard:

With his siblings at the O'Shaunessy damn a couple of minute betwee home and the zoo:

At Steak n' Shake (the kids love that place):

Before his first haircut:

After his first haircut:

I know I should take more - it gets a little overwhelming sometimes to think about taking pics. I'll try to get a few snaps with all the kids this weekend. We're having Mason's birthday party Sunday so hopefully I can get a couple of cute snap shots.

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oh my lord is he cute!!!!! i LOVE the first one!!!

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such a flippin cutie! I love his facial expressions!

I know what you mean about taking the pictures.. I find it hard too because I don't always have my big camera with me and at the ready.. I need to start at least carrying the point and shoot with me at all times

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He is a cutie!!!

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He's adorable!! And your daughter is stunning!

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nawww love the pics Christina! You know I should show you a couple of pics of my nephew, Mason and him could be brothers! How'd he go with the haircut? Aaron has had one and he sat so still Smile

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What a cutie pie!!! I love that first picture too! The haircut one's are funny! He looks mad that you chopped his wild 'do off! haha!!! The one with all the kids is great too- what a cute bunch!

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AWWWWW! He's so cute! I love love love the pictures of him getting his hair cut (the before and after). What a big boy! TFS!

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He's adorable! I love how happy he is in pics Biggrin

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He looks like such a little man with his haircut! what a cutie, he is a good mix of the kids I think, doesn't look exactly like any one, but similiarities with each.

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Thanks ladies.

Heather - we think that about him too - a good mix of them all. He even has a different hair color than any of them which I didn't think could be possible given that we have just about all the colors represented!

Steph - thanks for the compliment on my DD. People tell me all the time how beautiful she is. She's a tiny little thing too - maybe in the 15% for height and weight. But that doesn't bother her - she says she's "petite" (then she rolls her eyes and gives me attitude!!) Sometimes I don't know where that child came from!!!

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He's so cute!