Sorry so MIA lately - ugh

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Sorry so MIA lately - ugh

Sorry I've been out of the loop, ladies. I've missed you all terribly.

Just when I was excited to do the biggest loser - all primed and ready to go - I got the flu - no kidding, the flu!!!

I felt awful for a solid week. Then DH got the flu - and yes, we both had flu shots.

needless to say we tried to keep the kids away as much as possible. All this while my DS#1 was having his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in.

Then we had our week of vacation with the kids while my DH was still recovering. It was more of a stay-cation but we were still able to have some fun.

So I've spent yesterday and today trying to catch up on things at work and Im' getting close.

I will try to start posting again tomorrow but I wanted to throw out a quick shout to let you all know that I still love and miss you - I just had a life hiccup that's finally passed!!!

Stupid flu. I mean really, don't these viruses know that I just don't have time for them?!?! I have better things to do!!!!!

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I was wondering what happened! I'm glad you're better now, and I know all too well what it's like to get the flu even after having had the flu shot. I wish they were better at pinpointing what flus are going to be rampant.

I hope your DS feels better soon and that the surgeries prevent him from getting sick in the future.

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*waves* Hi Christina! We've missed you Smile

Sorry you guys had the flu, I had it too this week gone and I had my flu shot too! Exactly, who has time to be sick? Glad you were able to have a bit of fun though! Hope your DS is feeling better too.

Nothing new to report here, same old...even Aaron not walking still, just the knee shuffle! Anyway, see you around soon!

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I was also wondering what had happened to you! Glad you're getting better and caught up. We've definitely missed you around here. The board has been pretty darn quiet in general!