Stop the presses!!!! Breaking news!

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Stop the presses!!!! Breaking news!

Beni STTN! And not just by definition, but like, in practice!!!! She went down a little after8 last night- happily worn out by grandparents that kept her running around and laughing like a mad woman... and she didn't wake until around 6:30 this morning! She slept in her own bed the whole night! And at 6:30 when she woke, she just crawled in to bed with me, and snuggled up. Around 7 she asked to nurse (which I obliged). But then she still slept until 8:15!!! I was actually awake before her!

Now... the question is... total fluke, or will she do it again??? (At this point, I'm not going to let the grandparents go home!) Wink

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Yay Beni!! Hmmm maybe it's all the running around but I do hope for your sake it was not a fluke! I hope you slept most of that time too, you probably needed it! Smile

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Great news! Come on, Beni, do a repeat performance tonight.

And yay for grandparents Biggrin

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Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now doesn't that feel amazing!!!!!!

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Yay Beni! Maybe there is hope for Nico after all. Hope she keeps it up for you!

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You must feel like a new woman. I know when I get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, it's bliss!