Toddler eating!

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Toddler eating!

So, I'd say Beni is doing this in full force! This morning for breakfast she ate 2/16ths of toast (I know cause I cut it in 16th for her), and one bite of asparagus- which she usually loves!

Last night at dinner she ate a few beans, maybe a piece of toast and a couple pieces of cheese.


It makes me glad I'm still nursing because at least I know she's getting some nutrition there!

The worst part though, is that she'll take her plate and just dump it- either into her lap, or on the floor within seconds of sitting down to eat. But then she'll pick stuff up and eat some, or I'll pick it up quickly and she'll eat some. It's like I want to give her a "fake plate" to dump before she starts eating, because she seems to dump it just for the sake of dumping it- not because she doesn't want it. And I've tried to give her food just on her tray- she sweeps it all onto the floor with one big arm sweep. And I've tried to give her food just a little bit at a time, and she still tends to do the same!

It's frustrating!

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Similar stuff going on here. Not much eating at meal times. What drives me nuts in the grazing all day. She is constantly asking for snacks and pulling stuff out of the cupboard.

Even when I can keep her from snacking, her sit down meals are still being picked at or tossed on the floor.

She's also cutting teeth I think and has a cold right now so I'm trying not to make too much of it and hoping it will pass soon!

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My DD was like that. She didn't really start eating until she turned 8!!! I tried EVERYTHING!!!!! And she is still as picky as can be at 10. I guess I'm just doomed with her.

So you're not alone. Sorry you're having such troubles.

I'm lucky with Mason so far - he is a gooooood eater (as exhibited by his nice round tummy) Smile His father's son.

GL with your finicky eaters, it's so frustrating but totally normal!

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Keegan used to eat SO well. Not anymore! He does the same thing! He is working on all four molars right now so that is what I am contributing it to. He is suck a little peanut so it is really bothering me that he is not eating much. Ugh, always something to worry about Wink

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I do not know if this is a good solution or not.... Luke has started to do this as well. A couple times a week I just let him eat on the floor. For breakfast I will put his sliced fruit in a little cup with some Cheerios in another cup and he just grazes and comes to get them when he's ready.

He doesn't seem to be hungry at "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" anymore. Once he starts chucking food on the floor I take him right out of his chair. At lunch and dinner I've gotten very cautious about giving him a plate. I will give him one piece of food at a time instead of putting a meal out in front of him. Sometimes he's good and cooperative and we go back to his old eating style of letting him have his plate.

But once he throws food he's done! I figure either he is playing, which I don't want to allow at the table, or he's not hungry.

Good luck! Babies are interesting little buggers Wink

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Now that a couple of you mention it, I remember that I have actually read places that it is natural and beneficial for toddlers to graze...but it does make it harder for us to keep it clean and to keep track of what they are eating!

Carolyn, I let her eat in the living room sometimes too. I certainly give her snacks (crackers) in her little snack trap, and she carries that around eating them as she pleases. And the other day, I caught her picking up food out of the dust pan that I had already swept up! That was gross! But it just makes me wonder... WHY DIDN'T YOU EAT THIS WHEN IT WAS ON YOUR PLATE????

I suppose I really expected this to happen, cause you always hear about how badly they eat at this stage, but it's just annoying!

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How frustrating! We do baby led solids, so luckily by this point he is over the throwing food on the floor phase, but it was such a hot mess for so many months. I'm weird about mealtimes at the table and not snacking all day, but that is just what works for us. Good luck to those of you dealing with picky eaters, I hope that they eat better for you soon!

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And then last night she ate a bunch of spaghetti, and this morning she had a whole piece of toast and somewhere between 1/4-1/3 cup of baked beans. I'm all about respecting her hunger, etc.... so, let her eat when she's hungry, and not when she isn't...but gee it would be nice if she was a little more even-keel with it all!

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Is she teething? Jacob was a fantastic eater between 6-11 months. Then from 11months till 13 months omg nightmare(he got 8 teeth during this time)!! He would throw things on the floor and just was not interested. I just kept offering and offering and just ignored him, which was SO hard!!! Had to take lots of deeeeep breaths. But since about 6 weeks ago he is back to eating full force, he has a huge appetite now!!! So just keep offering and ignore... eventually she will start eating again. I also don't do snacks midmorning. So he has a big breakfast and then nothing till lunch.
Another thing I did if he was being difficult was to turn the TV on and just spoonfeed him. I think we went back to purees for a few weeks when his teeth were hurting just to make sure he was getting calories. I would also hide it under yogurt lol! I think the coldness was soothing for his gums. But yeah if all those tricks don't work don't push just let it go. Oh and bread was another thing he would eat. Jacob is barely 20lbs so it was hard but happy that he is back to eating!

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We give her little bits of things, but sometimes that ends up on the floor as well. I let her eat when she wants and have always been that way. She seems to be more motivated to eat when she's sitting right beside me, and I'm eating too. She's a real fan of eating whatever I am at the time.

Oh, and she also has been found scrounging around on the floor and enjoying food that has been left there. I have no idea how to nix the appeal of floor food. The only thing we can do is make sure it stays as clean as possible.

I don't think I added much to this conversation, except maybe to tell you you're definitely not alone Lol