Toddler fun... what are they up to?

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Toddler fun... what are they up to?

So, I am pulling myself out of the hole I've fallen into with parenting. My kid is awesome, but, she's almost 2, and like all almost two years olds, she needs to keep busy. I've been lamenting her not being an easy to please baby any more, but I know I need to get over it, and move on along with her, or I'm just going to make my own life hell.

Today she got out this little child's cooking set that her grandparents bought her, filled one of the bowls up with water from the water dispenser, and started making a mess all over the kitchen floor "cooking". When I saw her do that, I realized that, all I need to give her is a tub of water (even just a big bowl would probably do in the meantime, but I'll see if I can find one of those shallow, rectangular storage bins soon), some cups and bowls, and she'd happily play in the water probably for a long time. It's hot here again too, so if I set her up in a shady spot in the yard, I can strip her down, or put her in her bathing suit, and she'd probably have a good hour of fun. No special water table needed... just some good old kitchen stuff (this is something I have to remind myself of...I/she doesn't need all the STUFF- often household goods will do!).

Her grandparents also brought her some play-doh, which she loved, but I do think I need to sit with her while she plays with that, unless I want a ridiculous mess on my hands. But that's ok... I can do that too.

So, what else are your Moonbeams doing during the day... I'm not looking necessarily for ideas to "entertain" her- she can entertain herself- but things to keep her busy- if you get the distinction. I guess, I don't feel I need to be doing everything with her (I have a whole house to take care of in the meantime as well), so I'd love ideas she could run with on her own, but of course, I'll take ones I do with her as well!

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Daisy is starting to do some simple puzzles. She likes coloring and 'reading' her books. But never does anything for more than 2 minutes at a time, I swear! I've been thinking about playdoh - may need to dig it out...

In line with the water activity - a box of rice (in leu of sand) could be fun. I can't remember if it was this board i saw that or on facebook someone used a shallow plastic tote as a 'sandbox' inside the house.

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I was just telling DH tonight about the water thing- and said I actually wanted to get two boxes, one for rice inside the house.... we used to do that at daycares/preschools I worked at for sure.

Beni loves her puzzles and books. But, they've been around for a while. I'm sure she'll get some new ones that will spark more interest again for her birthday, but for now, they are things that she will go to for just a few minutes before getting bored. Of course, I'm not expecting every activity to last for hours for her- I realize she's under 2!- but, I know some stuff (like the water she got into today, or the play-doh with grandma) have held her attention for seriously 30-60 minutes.

She was into coloring at one point, but, now she always just hands me the crayons and asks me to draw for her. Sad Not that I mind... but, it's not her coloring...

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Nico loves it when I get all the cans from the pantry & let him stack & arrange them. He will also do it with boxes of crackers, cereal etc. He also likes to "paint", I just put water in a jar, give him a paintbrush & some colored construction paper or clean rocks & he goes to town, it is a great no mess art project. I have made play dob a few times, it is worth the mess for me, he LOVED it! Another thing he likes is getting naked & playing in the kitchen sink, if I am baking or cooking for a while it is a great way to keep him contained & happy, I just turn on the water a bit & give him mearuring cups & spoons to fill & dump.
It is hard to think of new things for him to do sometimes, we don't let him watch TV & I don't think he needs a ton of toys but sometimes either the Tv or a huge shopping spree at toysrus is tempting!

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Avery loves to paint with paint brushes and finger paints. She also loves playing with good ole fashion shaving cream which they use at school. She is very into the imaginative play of her kitchen and will cook thinkgs and then eat them and even serve us lol. She likes her blocks too but she likes better when someone is playing that with her. She LOVES her puzzles and I swear she knows her numbers from doing that puzzle so much.

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He likes blocks, legos, books, stacking towers (and knocking them down). The bath is a huge hit, he wakes from nap before the bigs and he and I usually get in the jacuzzi for a good 45 minutes, I read magazines while he plays Smile He loves to color and paint, and the play kitchen provides some fun. If it is over 45 we get outside, he loves soccer or riding his trike, and once summer comes we do a lot with the sprinkler, gardening (its a mess, but fun), and the park right behind our house. We have a sand/water table but find that the old baby pool tends to work better and provide more fun, once summer comes. The kids love to cook with me and Jake pulls up a chair and "helps", he can crack an egg (get it started, I then break it into the bowl) and he likes to add things to batters and whatnot. He is addicted to his brothers matchbox cars and they play with those a lot. He has a few of those books (I've seen them at hallmark) where grandparents or someone can read/record the words ~ he can sit and listen to those for hours.

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Eve is a great helper. She likes to put our dirty clothes in our washing machine and also helps us empty the dishwasher (after we've removed the pointy objects, that is). She also likes to carry the broom around and "sweep." I don't think she's really that into independent activities and seems to prefer interaction (be it with her brothers or DH or me). She could sit and be read to all day long.

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Mason loves his bulky legos - building then knocking down then building again. He is also in love with the Super Mario Brothers "cheat" book that the boys have for their Wii game. Mason will look at it and flip the pages for a good 1/2 hour sometimes. Not sure what that's all about.

He loves to play ball with anyone who will play with him. He also loves the tumble mats at his day care. He also likes when I re-fill old water bottles with water and objects in them. He loves to shake and throw them.

He's still a huge fan of all my cooking utensils too. He tends to leave the pots and pans alone but boy does he love the utensils!

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"carg0612" wrote:

He's still a huge fan of all my cooking utensils too. He tends to leave the pots and pans alone but boy does he love the utensils!

I can't keep Beni out of my cooking stuff. Sometimes when I can't find something, I honestly have to go looking around the living room/play room to see if she's hauled it off somewhere. And we've had to relocate all the knives, because she can now reach where they all used to be.

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Mara I saw this on pinterest and it made me think of you. Obviously some of these are more geared towards older kids but there are a lot of good basic ideas of things to do.

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Thanks, Melissa!

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Those idea's are awesome...thanks melissa.

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Jordan's favorite things to do right now -

Play-doh (for now we do this in her booster seat, I give her objects to make impressions and to play with textures)
Dry beans or uncooked noodles to pour into containers, bowls, bowls with lids to shake, spoons to scoop, and so on
Bath crayons (we've added an extra bath in during the day for fun)
Water colors (we've only done this in the bath so far)
Gluing scraps of paper onto a larger sheet of paper (she loves to squeeze the glue all by herself)
BOOKS! (Jordan loves to read her books or have me read to her)
Big bouncy ball (We have a big rubber ball that Jordan likes to try to dribble and we bounce around the house)

Things I want to do -

"Painting" in shaving cream (when I worked at a daycare the kids LOVED this)
Fun with pipe cleaners (I bought some today and some of the links below have ideas for games)
Homemade finger painting (a recipe in link below)
Discovery bottles (again, ideas below)
Fun with magnets (only safe ones! ideas below)

So much more....

Pinterest is an awesome place for the most wonderfully creative ideas. I have a friend who has so many great things pinned that I am about to repin her entire toddler/kid activities board. (Jordan loves chopsticks so I need to get the pom poms and kid friendly chop sticks! I also saw a site that suggests that they use tongs from the kitchen.) (discovery bottles, homemade finger paint, fun with pipe cleaners and more) (TONS of ideas) (What an awesome book! Love the idea of doing things with velcro. You could modify this and make all different kinds of pages.)

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Jake basically wants to do everything Luke is doing. Smile He follows him around everywhere and I love watching them play together and watching Jake "copy" everything Luke does--coloring, playing with cars, building with blocks, puzzles (you know, the wooden chunky ones for Jake), and "reading." They also chase each other all over the place, LOL.

On his own he loves unloading the dishwasher, wreaking havoc in my kitchen with the pots and pans, "helping" me with chores, and going for walks. OH and bath time. They both LOVE bath time. Smile

I think the most fun recently has been watching the boys play and laugh together. Makes my heart melt every time. Smile