Try, try again

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Try, try again

Well, last month didn't work for us so we are going for round 2 this cycle. I was pretty disappointed but when I plugged in my new AF date, I got a edd of July 29th which was my Grandma's birthday! Seems very fitting Smile Took an opk today and it was a def pos so DH and I will be busy the next few days! Praying we get a BFP for Thanksgiving!

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Fingers crossed for you, Belinda! Sending lots of baby vibes your way...

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Good luck!!! Thanksgiving would be a great bfp day Smile

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Good Luck! Baby vibes for you!!!

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Sending you lots of turkey baby vibes!!! Smile

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How very special Belinda, sending you lots and lots of baby vibes, I truly hope this is your month!!

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I was following you (can't help my stalker-ish ways) and was bummed about the BFN. But here's to lots of baby dust your way this month!!!