Uh, so I'm a really bad host to you...

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Uh, so I'm a really bad host to you...

I'm sure you've all noticed some changes to pg.org structure. I was supposed to direct you to the announcement which I completely missed myself.

Anyway, here's what admin has to say about the current state of things:

"I'm anticipating completing the process of shifting boards/categories today. We will be upgrading the vBulletin board software to the latest version soon which hopefully will address some of the email notification issues, etc.

Next -- also know that our new color scheme is also coming soon!! We will begin rolling out the changes on the homepage and then will be changing the boards to match!"

FYI - if you have a link in your browser to your "favorites" your links should still work just fine.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pass them along to me and I'd be happy to post them on the moderator board or PM them to one of the admin staff.


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Ugh, I don't think I voted for the winning color scheme, so I'm not too happy about that bit of news. C'est la vie.