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Luke says "ut oh!!!!" and "EGG!!!"

he also goes mamamamama and dadadadada but they are just sounds, he doesn't seem to call me or DH anything in particular Biggrin

what's everyone else chatting about?

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Ben has mama, daddy, and "i did it" seriously, the whole phrase.. Hee says stones other things here and there that sound like something, but were not sure

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Daisy is a little chatterbox! She's repeating a lot of sounds. Cutest lately is
Hi Kids - at the playgorund today
Bye, Bye - whenever she leaves a room
and she tries so hard to say Abby Cadaby because she's on her toothbrush

She also know that cows 'moos' and ducks 'quack' and kitties 'meow' puppies don't bark but they pant - too funny! Lots of words like cracker, cookie, fish, jump (as she tries to!), and JOOOOS! (Juice)

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Alyse is expanding her vocab every day it seems...we have: shoes, brush (when brushing her hair or her teeth), mommy, daddy, buh buh (Ben), co co (Chloe), dog, cat, uh oh, fish, elmo, oscar (occer), cookie (referring to the monster or the food), nernie (ernie), she makes a ton of animal sounds (dog, cat, cow, turkey, owl, horse, sheep, duck, lion)...when I get her dressed, I always count her arms as I put them in...yesterday I said "Ooooonnneee" and she said "Twooooooo"...was so cute!!

She used to call me "mama" all the time, but the other day she started saying "mommy". It's very cute, but seems so grown up. *sigh*

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Love this stage!!

Lucas has been *exploding* lately. He just got "mapped" a little over a week ago and got his implant turned up. He's only on the second program out of 4- so not even as loud as it can be! Hard to believe he's only been activated for 3 months!

He says:
Noah (Oh-ah)
Kitty (diddy)
Around (a-roww)
Beep beep for car
baa for sheep
neigh, or tries to cluck for horse and also says "hor"
cracker (aprrox)
all done/all gone
tons of babbling with a bunch of different consonants and vowels- which is fairly new

He's also finally hearing and saying the soft sounds. He now makes a ssssss sound for snake. He makes "Huh" sounds for H, and "fuh" sounds for F. We've also been hearing T and Z sounds. He's starting to try to mimic a lot of what we say to him. If you tell him to blow kisses and then do it with a "MWAH!" sound, he does the same thing. It's been sooooooo exciting to see. I'm so proud of my little chatterbox! Today his speech therapist was commenting on how he's such a vocal child. If you heard him babbling and talking you probably would never guess he's deaf!

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Beni basically never shuts up. Smile She does often babble, but, she has lots of words too, like...

(these are all in Latvian):
work (her only two word phrase is daddy is at work- it's two words in Latvian!)
lay down (one word in Latvian)
belly button
vau vau (for dog)
fish (as in goldfish crackers)

And in English she says:
(can you guess where she learned these three words???)
Oh and also she says gecko. Smile

What is amazing to me recently is not so much what is coming out of her mouth, as what she is understanding! The other day she took my comb out of the bathroom while I was showering...then when I needed it after my shower, who even knows where it was. So I said to her, "please bring back my comb." And she toddled off and came back with my comb! Or the other day my mom was on skype and asked her where the dog was (an odd question because we don't have a dog). She walked away and came back with her animal book, and opened it to a picture of a dog! She seriously blows me away! Smile

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Jake probably only has about 8 or 10 true words at this point. However, my favorite by far is the "love ya!" he now says all day long to his siblings and I. The difference between both of my boys and my daughter at the same age is literally mind blowing.

His algebra skills, however, are off the chart Wink

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2 weeks ago I was curious about how many words Fiona had, so I tallied them. I stopped after 100. She talks CONSTANTLY and is always trying to copy everything we say or her sister says. I can even tell when she knows she's saying something wrong. She works it out in her head til she gets it right enough to sound good to her. She has a few multiple word sentences 'I got it' 'yes peez' 'go outside?'etc.

DD1 was a chatty one, too. But it's funny, since her peers have caught up entirely and no one remembers who said what at what age. Kinda like who crawled first, or who walked first. KWIM? I figure it's my reward for neither kid crawling til 2 weeks before their first birthdays. grrrr. Lol

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Wow your kids are amazing! Mason has maybe 10-15 words at best. My DD by this age had at least quadrouple that but my DS#1 was a quiet one too and didn't do a whole ton of talking until around 20 months or so.

Mason's a watcher. He's more likely to mimic a movement than a sound. He will stare at you intently and then hours later he'll mimic what he saw you do. I guess that's his own way of "talking".

Standard words he says include things like mama, dada, bye bye, hi, dog, Trinity (our dog's name and it comes out like Tree-ee-ee), baba (sippy cup), and I had him trying to say go bucks! which came out like "go bu!" but we all laughed so he kept doing it.

There are a few others too but that's about it.

Meh, maybe he's not as chatty as others his age but I still think he's grand!!

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It's absolutely fabulous to see your baby learn how to speak! I can't tell you how many words Eve says because I don't keep track. She's not as vocal as my boys were, but somehow, she's more comprehend-able than they were. She adores books and repeats words when we say them. I know she understands everything we say to her because she'll go get her shoes whenever we talk about going out (and we won't even be talking to her specifically) or will find anything you ask her to (just like Beni!). She also loves talking about body parts. Whenever it's nursing time, she lifts up my shirt and says "butt," meaning "belly button." If you ask her where her butt is, she'll point to her bum, so she knows the difference but just can't say it yet.

I love their little minds, soaking up everything and learning new things every day.

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Miles says quite a few too:
Boobs (Nice huh??)
D'oh (window)

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Nico know a lot of words too, he is really into animal sounds & knows most of them. He also loves to make car noises like vroom vroom & beep beep. He has also started to put a couple of words together like byebye car?, dada work?, nightnight love you, doggy shh!, etc. He also loves songs & will quack along with 6 little ducks & do the actions for wheels on the bus.
It is so fun when we realize that he has learned a new word, I can't believe how fast they pick stuff up!

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I have totally lost count of what she says :confused:

funny with my first 2 I had a running list somewhere for the baby book... Lainey.. poor Lainey- it's in my head and if I don't get it down on paper soon, well- there it will stay! :rolleyes:

She says a ton.. repeats everything.. it's like living with an echo.

She probably uses 30-40 words on average consistantly. She can say more than that but it's not words that she uses in everyday conversation. She also says several 2-3 word sentences... and is really good at following directions.. or understanding questions... For instance.. she is still and forever will be a remote control hoarder. It was missing the other day and I said- "Lainey did you take the remote again?" She sheepshly smiled so I said "Well, go find it and put it back on the table!" So she goes off to the dress up basket, gets out a purse and pulls the remote out and puts it on the table! LOL.

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As I was changing her diaper she was struggling to reach her baby doll and was yell "TIS TIS TIS DA BABAY!! When I let go she had to go and kiss the baby!

Seriously everyday is multiple new words - amazing!

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Just to offer an example of a child who isn't talking a whole lot yet (and no I'm not worried lol). Wink

Jake definitely says "Boom!" We also think he *might* be saying "Right there" and "here it is." It's hard to say because when he says those things it certainly isn't in defined words--but it's in context and in the proper cadence/sound/etc. It sounds like that's what he's saying, if that makes sense. He also seems to sometimes say "Luke" sounds like "uuuuk" and Mommom when he's really upset (but that's the only time so it's hard to say).

BUT--the child understands EVERYTHING we say to him. He can follow two-step commands (like go into the kitchen and get your cup), he points out everything correctly in his books, he seems to know his colors and some numbers, etc etc. He clearly does not have a problem with language in general, he just can't say the words yet.

I had an interesting conversation with some of the engineers here at work the other day. Apparently, "lefties" tend to be later talkers than their right-handed counterparts. The two lefties I was talking to both didn't start talking until they were 2, 2 1/2, and at that point they just started talking in complete sentences. Smile Jake very, very clearly favors his left hand. He uses it to eat, color, grab stuff, etc. I thought that was very interesting! Who knows if it'll pan out, I don't really care (LOL), just thought it was a cool tidbit of info.


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hmmm....Daisy appears to be a leftie too.

Drew had every motor sound down by 15 months but didn't talk really at all until he was almost 3! (Trains, planes, cars and trucks all had their own unique sound!)

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"mlark1128" wrote:

Just to offer an example of a child who isn't talking a whole lot yet (and no I'm not worried lol). Wink

Meagan... you are the reason I am not worried about Luke not talking yet lol!!! Luke's word list..

1. Egg
2. Ut oh!

He understands alot too. He will go get his shoes when asked, he knows "sit down," he fold his hands when you say "let's pray." He gives hugs and kisses if you ask. He definitely understands, but he's happy to run around yelling EGG and UT OH completely out of context haha.

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Aaron isn't talking a whole lot(if I compare him to my girls) but like Jake Meagan, there's the sound of what something sounds like in a context so I am guessing he's trying really hard to speak more! This is what he says so far:

Em (for Emily)
Ajaja (Aleisha)
Aaron num (Aaron's name) - (yes it's actually those 2 words because I point to his name that's on his door and that's what I've always said!)
I love you (this is pretty clear)
Ee ya (see ya) - (he doesn't say bye bye all the time it's mainly this)
Wa Da (am assuming it's 'what's that' because he points when he says this)
Awa (flower)
Ug (truck)
Uh oh!
and he says a very naughty word I shall not mention!

I am suprised he hasn't made any 'S' sounds yet but I am not too worried at this point, he knows things and takes instructions well and best thing lately is he puts himself to bed (naps included), he doesn't climb into his crib but he finds his paci and I follow him to his room (he waves goodnight) and then he will stand and shake his crib to get into it, too cute!

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I would really have to sit and think about the words Jordan knows. It would be hard to pinpoint which ones actually count too b/c she attempts many words that I only recognize because she signs them at the same time. She knows about 45 to 50 signs and she attempts to say many of them. She also knows some words that we don't have signs for.

She also has a tendency to echo the last word we say. So if I say "Daddy is at work" then she will say work (sounds like wur).