Wandering child

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Wandering child

You know me and podcasts, and I'm currently addicted to Manic Mommies. On one of their earlier episodes, they covered lost children. It was SO informative. I almost started crying, because I am grateful to them for covering this issue that is so scary to me. I wanted to share the episode with you ladies.

The episode can be downloaded from iTunes, called MM-33 on Aug 19, 2006

Here is the link to their blog with the show notes

(Warning: don't click on the Wander Wear link in the show notes! The site has been compromised, and it will take you somewhere not work or child appropriate. I couldn't find anywhere to buy the wander wear products in my short search at work, so I can't give you any other links to it. If anyone else finds some, please post links.)

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Thanks for the link. Noah and Keaton both tend to wander and it scares me. Going to watch it now!