What's in the diaper

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What's in the diaper

I know I have barely been on lately and this is sort of tmi but it's really bothering me. Aren't their bms supposed to be pretty well formed by now? Rhett gets a couple bottles throughout the day but not an abundance of liquids. He eats a ton of solids but still has very loose stools and quite often diareah. I was thinking maybe milk allergy but it's not always. Just wondering what's normal and I can't quite remember what my daughter was doing at this age. Thanks ladies!

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Jordan is still nursing so this may be the reason but hers tend to be pretty mushy most of the time. But I wouldn't say it was loose like diarrhea by any means. Is this a new thing? Could it be related to teething or is it all the time? If it's all the time then maybe his Pediatrician may have some thoughts?

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More on the solid line here. never really blow outs or loose stool ever actually. the only time was after we went to the ocean and I think she had a little too much salt water to drink lol

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Beni still has very soft, smooshy stool quite often, but she also nurses a ton still. I get excited when I get one that "rolls off the diaper". Smile But it's not like diarrhea either. If it seems abnormal in a way that might be painful, I would talk to the ped!

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Once Leyla started drinking cow's milk her poop went from mushy to mini turds (hope that's not an offensive word).

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depends on what he's been eating! he eats alot of fruit, so they're definitely mushy! when he eats too many blueberries theyre more like a nuclear explosion lol. he does periodically have formed poop, but for the must part they are mushy.

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Evie has mushy poop most of the time. She also nurses a lot when she's with me. Every now and again, it gets a little on the liquidy side, but it's not a usually occurrence. I would probably bring it up to the ped the next time you see them, unless you notice a rash or discomfort, then I'd schedule a visit soon.

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Formed now with an occasional mushy.

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It's alternates between mushy and formed but never really runny unless he's not well...could it be from what he eats? Could be a sensitivity to dairy (if you see a pattern) or anything with gluten perhaps. Bring it up with the ped and see what they have to say!